What is Schizophrenia like?…

Now that my days of suffering from Schizophrenia are behind me hopefully, I would like to share with those interested what suffering from Schizophrenia is like before I forget. My mind was overactive in imaginings that everything related to me. I actually believed that the pandemic was because of me and that God wanted me […]

999 angel number…Release me~

Seeing this number on my phone for the first time tonight on one of my apps is a great significance in my existence… It means the end of a phase and new beginnings… This seems to be my theme for this year, new beginnings. Tomorrow I am seeing a new life coach who is a […]

I won’t give up…or worry

Much angst today telling my woes through writing about ___… I’m depleted of my good energy but I’m still looking up and bought some beautiful flowers 🌸 at our local nursery. Will plant them this evening… I also prayed for Divine Will in my life and all I do after praying for all my loved […]

Feeling within me…

I’ve been at a loss this week in many ways. Too many to write here. There’s been a lot of good too but today is hard. My daughter is sick, I’m her caregiver when she gets sick 🤒 even though she is 28. and others in my life are not doing great right now so […]

Maui vibes

This is me taking in the aloha spirit of Maui, my heaven on earth. Never have I felt such peace and tranquillity to my very core as on this island. It is a different vacation here this time… I’m content and blessed to be surrounded by my sister and husband, enjoying nature and all that […]