May series cont…the benefits of having a daily routine~

I first wrote out my daily schedule but then I thought that would be too specific.  We are all different and have different interests, needs and pleasures.  The key is to finding out your productive hours and taking advantage of them.  It’s that simple for me, that and copious amounts of coffee balanced with tons of water.

The trick is to get into a good routine and right now with the Corona virus pandemic happening, it is helpful to have some good habits forming for now and in the future in our new normal.  Although I do not follow an hourly schedule, I try to get certain things done in the same order every day so I don’t forget anything.

These are my daily musts:

I wake between 8 and 9am, meds, morning prayer and readings, coffee, healthy meals, supplements, brush teeth, feed my pups, make the beds, keep up with dishes, and connect with friends and family throughout the day.

I dream to do yoga in the mornings but it is hard for me to do anything but sit and relax into the day due to the medicine I take at night, Risperidone/Risperdal

By noon I am finally waking up and try to get out to the garden to water or check on plants.

I make a lot of lists with goals for the day and week and if it doesn’t happen the day I plan it, I try to get it done the next days.  I love crossing things off my lists.

I somewhat plan my day the night before so I will check what phone calls I might need to make or bill to pay (I am in charge of the finances which is scary but I’m doing better), and if it is a gardening day, decide depending on the weather what time it will be nice out to garden.  I sometimes run an errand or two a few days a week, emails to check/answer and texting family and friends throughout the day.

Volunteer work is important to me and sometimes I provide help to people in my city when I can.  I don’t do a lot but do moderate a help group on Facebook so I am on there throughout the day, also enjoying friends and family’s pics and posts.    The last month I have been collecting masks around the county for a local non-profit’s volunteers and its elderly clientele.  Have collected 100 donated masks to date but need 700 more so I need to get back to it. 

I also make time for spiritual reading and writing and always pray at least a couple of decades of the rosary. 

Having fun is so overrated but yes I do make time for fun.  For me my favorite thing to do is go on a walk with my adult daughter or relax in the garden with her or the pups or both.  Sometimes I dance with my pups in the kitchen and a game of fetch brings much joy to them as well.  Tidying is fun and challenging plus very rewarding.  I love Netflix (currently obsessed with Criminal Minds) and watch one to two shows a day while I eat my meals.  TV is boring to me (don’t even know how the TV works, too many remotes) but I love a good movie usually a romantic comedy.

Every day is different according to my energy level and the weather.  Today was hot so didn’t get much done and still recovering from my toes’ procedure.  It’s important to know that not every day will be super productive but ensuring the basics are done sets the right tone for what may be a great day, or not.  And crossing jobs done off my lists feels very satisfying.

I have not always had a lot of energy or motivation but using the reward system helps me to get stuff done.  I also take Vitamin B sublingual every day in the morning which has definitely increased my energy levels.  You can get it for $4 at Walmart!  And one bottle lasts a while.  You have to hold it under your tongue for 30 seconds and then I drink lots of water because I don’t like the taste.

I will be writing tomorrow about my supplements.

Have a good night everyone!