Mental health issues and drug addiction

Which comes first mental health issues or drug addiction? I can speak from my experience and my observations only. As usual comments are welcome! I have struggled from both. Mental health issues began for me in the 8th grade and drug addiction soon followed. My parents did their best but the controlling environment didn’t help. […]

Help with Psychosis

How can I help with psychosis or any serious mental health disorder? Ideally, in a perfect world this question wouldn’t even exist- but reality sets in and tonight I will dream big about a perfect MH (mental health) care system. Dreaming Big Naturally, it is best to help with psychosis before an emergency evaluation is […]

Stigma, Circle of Life and~

Tonight I am writing from my heart, as suggested by Grace of the Sun, about the most difficult topic for me to wrap my head around. Now that I am in full remission, I can tackle this imperfectly and hope and pray for a world that stigma surrounding Schizophrenia does not exist… In my thinking, […]

Please don’t forget…

That we are all special and unique, even when we are feeling otherwise. I have just come off of a 16 year long delusion that I was the most special person to ever live. What a burden that was to carry around. But thanks to taking Kratom for over a month this delusion is gone […]

I won’t give up…or worry

Much angst today telling my woes through writing about ___… I’m depleted of my good energy but I’m still looking up and bought some beautiful flowers 🌸 at our local nursery. Will plant them this evening… I also prayed for Divine Will in my life and all I do after praying for all my loved […]

Feeling within me…

I’ve been at a loss this week in many ways. Too many to write here. There’s been a lot of good too but today is hard. My daughter is sick, I’m her caregiver when she gets sick 🤒 even though she is 28. and others in my life are not doing great right now so […]