May series cont. Proper rest~

The benefits of proper rest

As usual I will share what has worked well for me.  Please feel free to comment anything that has worked for you in getting proper rest.

My best time of the day is 5pm-12pm.  I am generally more productive these hours so I try to save my hardest tasks for this period.  I drink coffee all day and early evening.  It does not prevent me from falling easily asleep but helps me to focus and get stuff done and I balance it with lots of water.  I am well hydrated!

I go to sleep at 12 or 1, waking up at 8am, and have a nighttime routine I have come to love the past few weeks.  This is what my night looks like:

It is all about preparation so I can get to my writing although today I am writing all day, which is unusual.  It means I am doing better than usual as I have been productive in many ways today happy to write.  We have a late dinner 8 or 9, we all clean up and then I do the dishes.  I almost always catch the sunset from my meditation room.  I tidy a bit and prep anything for the next day that I can if I have the energy, making my lists of to do’s and scratching off the lists of the day or week.  Then I put my husband to bed, light a candle and write for an hour or so.  I also read and meditate. 

I get my jammies on, take my night meds and cbd oil full spectrum and spritz my pillow with lavender oil and sniff it.  It helps to smell lavender a half an hour before bed.  I sometimes listen to music or just sit quietly meditating on the day and the day tomorrow.

Getting enough sleep is very important because if you don’t your body will really suffer as can your brain.  I just figured out that if I wear my Fitbit to bed, it tracks my sleep, even my REM time and hours of deep and light sleep.  I wake up naturally to the rhythm of the house and if my body needs it I sleep till ten but that is not very often.  My ritual helps me to fall asleep quicker and I go to sleep praying or remembering a song’s lyrics that are positive. 

My night medicine does cause drowsiness in the mornings (Risperidone/Risperdal).  Thinking I might take it earlier at night and see if the fog lifts sooner.  It also causes weight gain but I am slowly taking it off through WW. 

Trial and error has got me to a good routine and especially during quarantine, it is important to get proper rest.  I must add the power of a good nap or laying down for a half an hour every day.  I can’t usually nap but rest feels good for my body.