Positivity abounding despite much sadness…

Sometimes one has to get an aerial view of our lives. I choose to be positive in my thinking and actions because it is the only way that brings me peace and serenity.

I look up quite often for inspiration. Without this opportunity to connect with the Source of all that is good I am lost. Karl Marx once wrote that religion is the opiate of the people. Well I will take this drug because without this hope I want to jump and scream what is the meaning of life if not the realization of the gospels and the supreme importance of having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

Enough preaching let my words inspire you and me to greater heights. May we all look to the Universe, the magick, the wonderful possibilities each day to make life better for me and others I encounter along my days. Being kind always is important to me. But I fail. Oh well, I will fail and rise up again until God decides it is time for me to be with Him.

I won’t give up no. I am passively suicidal but choose life, choose right, choose good and hope for the day when death isn’t as attractive in this sense.

What I really want to say is that our choices today reflect our tomorrow. If we’re not happy with the current results, change the means to where you are going. Don’t just sit there like I do often in paralyzed fear to do anything for fear of failure and do nothing to improve our state. Keep pushing.

Take care of your soul first and all else will follow. Take care of mental and physical next. eat right, get help from a professional and take your meds. exercise is huge for me too! Although many days I am not motivated to do my workout or yoga but always almost get my walking in.

positivity is contagious so spread it everywhere you go!

I have the minor goal of becoming a master empath! I’m being sarcastic. This is not minor but instead a huge endeavour. It is being able to navigate this life unaffected by all the chaos. I know people like this but they are hard to find because darn it we are all human.

I am writing this today but have so many problems but I choose to reframe it and say I have many opportunities to fix things which actually can be fun.

Here’s my a bit of my list just so you know I am not speaking out of my …

brother in law passed two weeks ago, much sadness for my sister and the loss of a super person in our family, hard to know what to say to my sister as she is not very spiritual.

Finances are a mess, I really shouldn’t be in charge of them at all, sad face, a problem I have tried to fix my whole life! Just two examples of some of the chaos in my life, there’s more but I’m feeling sad just typing it so will stop here and…pray hope and not worry:)

wishing you all peace, love, light and joy



Musings of the moment…

A good day for sure…learning to navigate murky waters.

Looking for the good in all people, places and things isn’t that hard if one considers the life that God gave us and it is up to us to fulfill our mission, whatever that may be…

For me I like to help out the homeless because I was once homeless too. I remember when a kind stranger would give me some spare change, while I was living on the streets of NYC. I would always be so grateful to buy that slice of pizza. My meal for the day if I was lucky.

Still not sure if I was pre-schizophrenia at that time or not. I was 18 at the time but I engaged in many dangerous behaviours from 13 to 20. Then got married to the most wonderful man, had three kids and home-schooled them but then developed schizophrenia at age 36, which was in 2006.

I have tried working but it never works out so I am on permanent disability since 2015. I also earned my masters in psychology and bachelors in sociology circa 2010 post diagnosis.

Life these days consists of lots of at home time. Connections are the most important thing to me, with my family and friends and strangers, with my pups and all animals and nature….

I don’t read much but enjoy a good show and love working with crystals. Life is too short for regrets and today I have no regrets. Missteps I like to call them but embracing these shadows and trying to live the life God intended.

I don’t hear from God anymore, which the silence is welcome but do still wonder how life would have been different if this or that…

Trying to spread positivity at every level from self love to patience with myself first and then others. Embracing who I am because I am the only “ME”.

peace love and joy and now light to all