The Ups and Downs of Marriage~

Hello World, all persons near and far. We are all on an excellent path towards healing within and outwards, making a sometimes big, sometimes small impact through our lives earnestly lived. I would be remiss, though, not to talk about my 30 year marriage and despite how many blessings we have experienced (becoming grandparents is […]

I won’t give up…or worry

Much angst today telling my woes through writing about ___… I’m depleted of my good energy but I’m still looking up and bought some beautiful flowers 🌸 at our local nursery. Will plant them this evening… I also prayed for Divine Will in my life and all I do after praying for all my loved […]

May Series 2022~Inspiration in Nature…

But first a little brief housekeeping! Thank you to those who are reviewing my nature thought journal! And I want to share that mypersonalrecoveryfromschizophrenia has been rated as one of the top 20 Schizophrenia blogs by Feedspot! I manifested more readership and it is happening! Thanks Feedspot! And for any of you with schizophrenia blogs […]