Feeling within me…

I’ve been at a loss this week in many ways. Too many to write here. There’s been a lot of good too but today is hard. My daughter is sick, I’m her caregiver when she gets sick 🤒 even though she is 28. and others in my life are not doing great right now so […]

Happy Mental Health month! Upcoming

Great to be back home after a nice vacation and a relaxing weekend! My usual series for May is in the works! I will be exploring the body, mind and spirit connection focusing on the work of Viktor Frankl’s insight on how man is unity yet multiplicity. And how taking it beyond that can affect […]

Does anyone else see defeat as feedback?

Like the fact that I can’t work because of my schizophrenia/schizoaffective disorder? Yet there is always enough money… and more even? To do as I wish along with my duties and much joy even as I relax tonight with restful yoga and my dog at my feet. I’m doing a 30 day challenge for yoga […]

May Series 2021 line up…

Mental Health Awareness to me means being heard and having doctors and therapists, friends and family and sometimes strangers realize they are not in our head and can never be. For them to understand that sometimes it is super hard to put into …words what is going on with me. It also means fighting the stigma. We are not to be feared but respected and treated in a way that is not condescending or dismissive. It really means so much. I have been on the other side and have done my share of judging. But no more…

Upcoming May 2021 series…

So I have decided to blog about these many changes. Ideas are welcome but the focus is on dealing with the many facets of having multiple disorders within my system. My official diagnosis so far is Schizoaffective Disorder (Schizophrenia plus depression) with bipolar tendencies, OCD and anxiety and now DID disorder or OSDD disorder.

May series cont… connecting with others~

Connecting with others is a hard topic for me because I don’t always feel like it but I do every day to different degrees. I like my alone time and need it throughout the day. But connecting with others is important because being isolated is not good. Simple texts, a phone call to my mom […]

May series cont… Mindfulness~

The state of being present in the moment at whatever one is doing… So many examples and to me it is a way of life these days. I take my time with everything. Rushing is no longer a part of my days. Tonight it was a small bowl of Rockie Road ice cream with milk. […]