When you have nothing to give…

Today was draining and it is only 2pm. My highlight of my day was my 10 month granddaughter crawling up me like a slide and kissing me crazily. How I wish I could spend more time with her as when I am with her all my problems seem so small… It’s amazing how a baby […]

“You are loved”, I tell myself tonight…

Today was eye-opening for many reasons. I feel love differently now that I am not psychotic, not that I didn’t before, but somehow it has changed vastly since I began taking Kratom. My life is far from perfect though but for me today and tonight I feel very blessed, to be alive, to hold space […]

Reblog- Life as we see it~

I was really moved by KK’s story and message that follows. KK is a blogger/poet and more. To read more of his wonderful work, you can find him here- About Kaushal Kishore. Have a lovely day! pax Victoria One day a school teacher decided to do an experiment with the children in her class. She […]

Please don’t forget…

That we are all special and unique, even when we are feeling otherwise. I have just come off of a 16 year long delusion that I was the most special person to ever live. What a burden that was to carry around. But thanks to taking Kratom for over a month this delusion is gone […]

Shifted my priorities…feeling happy 😃

Today has been a good day. Haven’t been wasting my time on things that make no sense. Lots of gardening 👩‍🌾, podcasts on nutrition for brain health, studying supplements and making some good observations, and organizing my blog. I updated my about on the top menu and added a contact page. Much chaos in my […]