A book has changed my life again…loving it~

It is late yet the house is still stirring in a very rhythmic way.

Jason Mraz is playing in my earbud, “Mr. Curiosity”.

I have had a good day in many ways, the highlight being a book which answered my question I had had the night before which I had written down.

The question was- how can I remain peaceful despite negative energy from other people I encounter in my relationships with family and friends and the occasional stranger?

The answer I found was in a book a friend gave me in Dave Markowitz’s book, Self-Care for the Self-Aware: A Guide for Highly Sensitive People, Empaths, Intuitives, and Healers


It opened my eyes to two main truths:

I AM ONLY RESPONSIBLE FOR MYSELF, my own soul, my own salvation…


additionally, I can do a body scan, send back to the person or people, and re-calibrate…

Those are the basics.

I set up a free fifteen minute consult with the author next week and ordered his other book Empathipedia: Healing for Empaths and Highly Sensitive Persons

I also realized something tonight while reviewing the questions posed by the intake form. I am healed in many ways through the teachings of Christ, the wisdom of the Buddha, self-reflection, meditation, prayer, and to seal the deal (no pun intended) the Holy Spirit to lead and guide me moment by year until eternity…



Starting again with a new therapist can be daunting…

Explain the progression of the disorder, timeframes, feelings, observations, connections, relationships, feelings etc..

My old therapist was just someone that I connected with so well that it was hard to let her go but the distance was too much and my insurance didn’t cover her so this is not only right down the street but also is covered.  He is also very experienced with treating individuals with Schizophrenia so he has a world of knowledge one doesn’t find in other therapists.  His therapy will be brief where with my other it was more like someone I could just talk to.  I actually have to come up with some goals which I am terrible at.

I mean what are goals really? Hopeful desires that may or may not come to pass?  Yearnings to be different?  Desire to change my thinking which is so set in place it seems impossible.  But he has hope so perhaps I will be lofty with my goals.

How do these sound?

To not have to take so much anti-anxiety medicine, to no longer have days when I feel bad, to not suffer so much from the negative symptoms of this disorder.  To avoid the highs and lows and not allow others to guide my good or bad days.  To not be so sensitive…those are just a few.

Bring on the healing Geoff!  Let’s do it!