Bits and pieces…

I am in a really weird mood so this blog will be a little different. I am pumped up to live my best life every day and this blog will be a little bit about how I accomplish a lot.

It is Superbowl Sunday so the family is in front of the tv and I am at the computer. Cooking all day and clean up soon. But so much going on I observe. As my husband and daughter watch the game I indulge in the satisfaction that they have a good relationship and even though she will be moving out soon I know that she will still be here often because she loves hanging out with us!

Off to do dishes…

Back after a few detours. I am a servant but I don’t mind it. Today it was spoiling my husband and daughter while they watched the super bowl. Go Chiefs!

Now time to get down to business.

How are you doing?

Physical- good, a little tipsy from some wine but ate healthy all day and exercised. Took all my meds and supplements that give me energy but I have decided to cut way back on coffee. I have gone from a pot a day to one to two cups! This is major but I have been having digestive issues so trying new routines to help but definitely not as focused as when I drink coffee.

Mental- I am good. I did have a melt down on Friday though which was caused from heat, physical exertion and not aligning to God’s will for me. I know this sounds strange but if I am not in His will I rarely get these melt downs. Might bring it up to my pdoc but we shall see if it happens again.

Spiritual- all I do is for Him who made Heaven and Earth. I love all religions. But especially Christianity, Catholicism and Buddhism. I am right now listening to a very grounding podcost by Domyo Burke called Zen studies. I don’t understand everything in fact most of it goes over my head but her soothing voice lulls me to this happy place with Zen thought through stories and quotes and direct application at times. Highly recommend.

So that’s my check in. How was yours? Hopefully you are making progress with your life. Mine is currently in the kicking butt and taking names phase. Which basically translates to I am doing awesome with my goals right now.

Do you feel the shift in energy for our world in us and outside too? I do and many I know feel this February shift to greater things.

I forgot to include what I set out to explain when I started this blog tonight. How do I get so much done? I plan by writing out my goals, I think how to get them done, I organize every chance I get and I do, I just do it. the supplement mental acuity by Shaklee helps greatly.

peace, love light and joy



My theme for 2021…

Where will I spend my energy? that is my theme for this year and every moment of 2021.

Time is not guaranteed so I am reevaluating many aspects of my life and working at maneuvering around obstacles that will always be present but heck I’m not gonna give up!

Today is a good day! It is Sunday so restful day but I already played and lost two games of chess, did hot yoga, switched to tea mid morning from coffee, blogging, organizing my year by months (nothing spectacular), attended part of Mass and now going on walk with daughter!

Music this year so far is George Michael. Rip dear George. He was only 53 when he passed, so young, and I am 51. Time is not guaranteed to anyone…

Make the most of it

peace, love light and joy