14 year anniversary of receiving gift of Schizophrenia…

It was 14 years ago that during Easter Vigil Mass 2006 I received fully the gift of Schizophrenia.

Why do I call it a gift though?  Delusional perhaps but I know it is my way to heaven.  The suffering, the mysteries, the unending  confusion between my thoughts and what is reality.  I am a great sinner and I believe my Schizophrenia to be my purgation.

I don’t embrace it every day as I ought but some days like today I do.  It is Easter Sunday and I have much peace in my heart amidst the suffering from Schizophrenia.

Made a good breakfast for all, cut my finger, burned my mouth, relaxing listening to Elvis gospel music.

My musings are relaxed today.

With much to be grateful for it is with a heavy heart that I learned today that one of my daughter’s friends’ dad has covid 19.  He is doing well though and is at home getting better.  But this is the first case I have of someone I know getting the virus.

I have a special place for my prayers for this war between us and this virus.  It is my zen garden and it represents all the people who need prayer.  I move a stone into the little space once I am moved to a prayer.  It is very full right now.  I know many who are at the front lines with essential businesses including my husband.

May Easter blessings be upon you all!

He is Risen!