Once upon a time I was a happy little girl…

And then there is now!

I’m all grown up, fifty years old, wife and mother of three, proud daughter and lastly I name my disorder fully~

Schizoaffective Disorder paranoid type, with bipolar tendencies, ocd and anxiety.

Wow, sounds dramatic  but it is true.

I have been dxed since 2008 and started this blog in 2013.  I have taken breaks as needed.  Worked off and on, now on permanent disability using medicare.  Raised my children, even homeschooling them.

I have had several relapses into psychotic thinking and delusions of grandeur, mainly.  Latest delusion is that I am the cause of the Corona Virus.  Written 2 books on my relapses and what I do with my time now that I have so much of it.

And now that we are quarantined so much even more time than I know what to do with.  No visiting my parents, no store (rare), no eating out at a restaurant.

But staying busy at home with cleaning my entire home, walking 3-5 miles a day, spurts of yoga,  and some fun projects.  Made a desert collage the other day.  I also just ordered my first adult paint by numbers, a peacock.

Some reading, some Facebook, some check in with friends and family and lots of cooking!!! and eating with my small family.  Tonight hubbie is bbqing.

Delusions are still there…

sorry world