The dangers of comparing…

Welcome to my new readers from Brazil, France and India!

I caught myself recently comparing my situation to others.  I was doing really well for a while and now am in a rough patch, off work on disability for a while and just waiting to feel like I can work again, which I think will be soon hopefully.  I just hope my doctor agrees.

So I have found that mental illness is a lot like a roller coaster ride, lots of ups, downs, curves and straight spots.  I must embrace those straight spots and shoot for the even keel.  In the past I have reached out to others who were struggling and right now others are reaching out to me.  This is the great part of life, never boring for long.

I actually thought about this at the gym.  Some of the people were skinny and fit, others had a way to go.  I am somewhere in between.  I must be content with who I am, always working to get better and not be so hard on myself when I am not succeeding the way I plan.  Mental illness is the same way I find.

It can be dangerous though when I see someone doing really well and become envious in a negative way.  This serves no purpose.  I must try to be happy for them and hope that one day I, too, can be back at work at a job I love.  If I sit in jealousy and discontentment, this will encompass my mind and can be very bad for my recovery.

Please share your experiences too!