June 2020 Caregiver Month! Part 2

How many times have I been doing poorly and my angel in the form of my daughter came to my aid? Countless really! She has upheld my recovery in so many ways, too many to share.The nights she would make time for me from her busy social and work life to take care of mom once again…

These are the ways she has helped me so much-

Listening without judgement 

Gently reminded me of reality when needed

Never challenged my delusions 

Accepted my decision to struggle to work again despite a poor track record and being excited for me when I got my dream job but was then there for me when stress took me out again. 

And then the most painful acceptance of her help in 2018 when I became suicidal and she was in living in Colorado and had just earned her degree. I was curled up in the fetal position on the hotel bed with my medicine close that I planned to take to end the pain and my life but I reached out to her and she told me she was coming home that night. Crying I was like nooooo. I did not want to interrupt her life again. 
But she came. She also called my youngest son to give me a ride to the hospital. God bless them both!!!

She moved home soon after and as I grew stronger she allowed me to flourish and now I am there for her as she is going through her own tough time…



June 2020 Series…letter to a caregiver~

Dear (caregiver),

Thank you for being there for me all these years, for always knowing what to say to make things ok, for never making me feel less than…

Thank you for giving up your own needs and wants to watch over me.

Thank you for being strong and gentle when needed when I was falling apart, which was often.

Thank you for not giving up on me ever…

After each and every hospitalization, you were the one I remember when I got home, with a huge smile, clean house and so much positive energy…

Sorry if it was draining for you. Sorry you had to miss out on part of your busy life to be there for me but deep down I believe with all my heart you would do it again.

I love you and thank you with all my heart, all that i am. Because I know that I would not be doing as well as I am now without all your care, love and unconditional support…

God bless and return many favors to you,