May 2020 Series~Coping Skills Unlimited…

To access this May 2020 series click here~ many of the links are set up, but if you are eager to read more of them that have already been published they are all on this page but you have to scroll to find the one you want. Thanks for your patience while I organize this series better and also complete the last few topics.

In this series, written during the COVId-19 Pandemic, during this unprecedented time I have found great comfort in writing about my coping skills, which I have developed the past 12 years, since being diagnosed with Schizophrenia/Schizoaffective Disorder in 2008.

I have had my moments but am now thriving and want to offer support to others like me who may not be doing so well. Take what you like, leave what doesn’t seem like something you would do and any comments are welcome!

Even though I can’t work due to my brain disorder, I can write and have found it even more fun to practice my coping skills in the day and then write about them at night. Keeps me very focused…

Topics so far are yoga, having a spiritual practice, meditation, walking, gardening, cleaning, tidying, getting proper rest, mindfulness, taking supplements, writing and having a daily routine.

Before the end of May 2020 I will hopefully also write on: brain health (preferring this term over mental health), healthy eating, connecting with others and keeping a journal.

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This page is under construction as I complete this May 2020 series. I will be adding links to all the blogs of this series soon. Tedious…just breathe…