Welcome to new followers and exciting news…

Oh my gosh! This will be short, I have a lot going on because I am detoxing off nicotine and I’m disorganized and I feel like crap. But I see that I got some new followers so want to give them a warm welcome!

FEBRUARY is already bringing so much good and awesomeness into my life! New life in many ways, and now that I am debt free with comfortable savings can pursue getting my physical and mental health under control with a holistic doctor at last. I kid you not, this was not an easy task to get to where I am but hey it’s here now.

My main secret is never giving up! I emit my desires to the Universe and wait sometimes patiently (that was a joke) and then I kick ass with research and picking people’s brains till I get the answer for me. I don’t always like the answer but with time adjust and continue to try to self-improve. It’s getting easier as I learn to trust in God more to take care of my needs and everyone’s.

Some exciting news! I am having a brain QEEG done on Thursday which will track my brain waves and maybe give me some answers for better physical and mental health. Personally, I think my dad having his stroke and almost dying several times that it caused me so much grief I just went off the deep end for a bit with my physical and mental health.

Anyway, suffering for a couple of days while nicotine gets out of my system.

Guess that wasn’t very short (another joke)…

I have decided to get into podcasts but will still be blogging because I love it so much! You all are great…

peace love light and joy


Promising days to come…

The world is full of promise and so am I…

“May today you only know as great” jason Mraz

Today is a great day because I have made an important personal decision that will bring much joy peace and light. This marks an end to an era of ritual that I have going on that involves this blog.

I might be taking a break from blogging as I get in a new routine or I might be back on here tomorrow but either way wishing all of you peace love light and joy!



Dreaming is first step…and in search of help with books…

because a dream written down becomes a plan and as goals unfold so do endless possibilities…

of excitement, thrill, success and failure too! But bouncing back from our missteps is the funnest thing. As we learn many lessons about what works for us and what doesn’t it is good to record it all.

I am grooving with my E-books, titling them, writing and feeling discombobulated so decided to outline them by book like I used to do in college when I had a major paper due.

And as we find our groove to the life that God has given us we can help others now and on the way!

It’s a lot of fun but challenging because I am so busy enjoying life that taking time to write how I got to this place after many years of complacency is a bit hard. So balance is key and I am now finding it.

I have just decided that I need collaborators and reviewers of this series so I am putting this out there to anyone with some free time and experience willing to help. Please email me if or comment your interest below. I can be reached at victoriamariealonso@yahoo.com

Here are the titles of the first five books and descriptions of them along with areas I am looking for others to contribute. If you are interested in this project which I hope to complete by March 2021, I can provide more questions depending on your level of interest in helping out. If you are willing I am even open to interviewing others who have similar or different ways of coping with this pandemic. This can be a worldwide effort! Australia, South Africa, Germany, Netherlands and any any country because mental health has no boundaries!

Book One: Mental health and Surviving the Pandemic Description- My story, my challenges, my successes, my hope, importance of taking care of our mental health. Contributors- Readers and personal experience especially on how has the pandemic has affected your mental health?

Book two: Exercise and mental health Description-how exercise benefits our mental health in a myriad of ways, obstacles and ways to get in a routine that works for you. Contributors- Readers and personal experience especially on what exercise do you love, like or put up with?

Book 3: Cleanliness and mental health Description- how does cleanliness help one from our personal bodies, to our homes, pets, cars and inner work Contributors- Readers and personal experience especially on what is most important to you in terms of taking care of the aforementioned?

Book 4: Food and mental health Description- the many ways that food affect our mood and how proper nutrition is paramount to healthy gut and brain health. Contributors- Readers and personal experience especially on what foods do you like that benefit you?

Book 5: Beauty practices and mental health description- how when we take care of ourselves and our homes and personal belongings we feel better inside. Contributors- readers, and personal experiences with this topic.

So that’s part of my dream, the final books will be revealed soon. Feel free to email me with any questions, comments, suggestions especially if you want to review the parts of the books and personal experience is really exciting that some of you might like to be in the book.

peace love light and joy


Awesome day…

Today was great. I had a holiday for real! I spent the day with my dearest friend and our pups. Didn’t have to do anything for my mom or dad, and financial stuff was done. I feel awesome 👏

It’s just great to have someone to talk to and her husband who passed May 2020 speaks through me. It’s an interesting dynamic. Our conversation ranges from God, to Buddhist monks to very important messaging. It brings her peace.

I am off to see if I can write my book. It’s important too! Do y’all like to read about exercise? If yes like this blog. I am obsessed with it so don’t want to blog about it if there is no interest.

The one thing I love about this blog is that I have no boss!!!!!! I can write when and where I want! But I also just share my mind with you all. It’s a fun place!

Peace love light and joy



Wednesday musings…

I find this day to be strange so far in many ways. It is my grandma’s birthday, so am celebrating although she passed many years ago.

But that is not why today is strange. No I set out my list last night for the day’s activities and although I didn’t follow it perfectly I am pretty damn pleased.

So far have eaten healthy, done yoga and abdomen exercises with stretching, taken care of my doggie’s hurt paw, braided my adult daughter’s hair and now blogging. I have been once again seeking balance in all I do and too much of anything even if it is good can be bad for you.

I have heard the term spiritual bypassing lately and I don’ t like it at all. I ditched a book that discussed this at length. I will always rely on God for my inspiration, my help my assistance. I will never consider this a weakness to rely on God too much so please don’t give up on God even if things are not going well for you. And if they are going well, well stop and thank God. It is that simple. done preaching ha ha

On to next topic. I am dedicated to getting in fit shape. I am talking my inactivity up til now must be conquered. I am an extremist so went out and bought some crazy colored workout pants to get me in the mood all day. I plank, try to do the splits and get up from sitting without assistance even on the ground. I am trying to get my steps in too. Taking a break now to do a Leslie Sansone walking video.

Be right back

Short but energizing workout.

My dad is stabilized again happy to write. God has plans for everyone but my dad defeats death regularly so it’s hard but happy today.

What else?

I am writing 7 E-books! Wow, came to me in a dream and i read that if we remember our dreams it is a message. So I dreamed I wrote 7 books so am going for it on Amazon. The first one can you guess is on exercise! The last one is on spiritual something or other and the ones in between will be revealed.

I am not there yet folks. I might be doing well in my recovery from schizophrenia/schizoaffective disorder but I’m happy with being discontent. Because in discontent there is room for improvement and I am ever after self improvement at any cost with rare exception.

I write as I struggle to develop my practices. Writing helps me find my words that lie deep within ready to emerge at the right time. It solidifies much of what i am after. Still haven’t found a mentor but not going to let that stop me.

I have been listening to Zen studies podcast with a wonderful priestess. Very enlightening. Today instead of watching my show during breakfast I listened to her and it was better to be inspired rather than mindlessly entertained. We shall see if it becomes a habit.

wishing you all the very best

peace love light and joy




Hey, Victoria here on a rainy day in California which is putting me in a really good mood. More on that later.

For this site I am going to be organizing it over the next month. Adding, deleting and creating some new series. As usual I am open to any ideas. For now please use the search feature for any topic that might interest you and I just may have blogged about it.

For instance for my bio just search that. Other areas that I find most popular are my Schizophrenia love journey with many parts, May series coping skills unlimited and more dating back to 2013.

Indexing this site has been the best ten bucks a month I have spent yet on this blog! We are doing ok right now financially especially since I’m not driving until my dad passes which may be ??? Still holding vigil.

God knows…

So that’s my plan for now. I am also very busy since yesterday with organizing many areas of my life. House, diet, cooking, cleaning, financial baloney and more.

I am not going to let the ultimate passing of my dear dad to stop me from being productive. I have grieved for 5 years so must now do what he would want and go on with my life.

I am also looking for a new therapist. I really think it is important to have one if one is diagnosed with a serious mental health disorder like me.

My current one who I am firing today just isn’t meeting my needs but making me feel worse. I won’t tell her that though, just that I am moving on because she has helped me a lot through my anticipatory grief.

My schizophrenia is acting up right now. I know what I am going to do. But that is a blog for another day.



Exciting news…

Still in vigil mode, my dad is hanging on for now and I’ll take every second.

Since I am so overcome with grief and the long process of death I have decided to take advantage of this down time and write and work on a few projects to take my mind off of my dad and his ultimate death… interesting it will be to see how he helps me from heaven.

Anyway, so I am working on downloading some files and getting a new laptop (currently on daughter’s at 23% so we shall see how long this blog is). I’m gonna have to make payments but really need one bad for many things. But that is not the exciting news getting a new computer. No the good news is that I am really putting a lot of effort into this new ebook. I have already written the dedication of course to my dad and now I am going to work on getting the content cleaned up. Already transferred files to email from old laptop so there is one thing done.

I have a lot to do and can’t really get started until I get my new laptop. I am looking for suggestions for titles. I want to keep it short and to point but catchy too. As usual a portion of all profits will go to my favorite foundation, CureSZ. My dad taught me to set high goals and to meet them so I am really hoping for some success right now with this ebook. Of course all the content is now available under May series coping skills unlimited, through the search feature or at the top bar.

For the ebook though I am really going to try to organize it better and give it my very best. I can’t do a lot right now but writing is good so wish me luck!


peace love light and joy



Invisible lines…

Family dynamics can be a topic of great interest. My family is coming together in a big way surrounding my dad with love near his death.

But the unspoken words and invisible lines baffles me. We say things now when one is passing but what about to the ones still here in good health? What about the ones with a mental health disorder who are also empaths? What about the ones who fear death? Choices is all I can say.

I am glad I am not the focus right now. But I am deeply affected by grief and my dad keeps going. Indomitable man is he.

Today was not a good day. But I am starting to work on a new old project. I have decided to put all my hard work with May series coping skills unlimited into an ebook on Amazon. I need a distraction and this is it.

I can’t even really talk right now, drive, drink, or be without music. I’m suffering but feeling bad for my father too. Lots of journaling and quiet reflection.

I will be ok when he passes. But until then I am staying in my little shell 🐚

Peace love light and joy