Almost Midnight Musings…

Hello world! For those of you have followed me for a while you will remember my many blogs that were titled “Midnight Musings”. I would post or publish a blog with my random thoughts, not at all concerned about SEO or content or anything but my rambling while psyhcotic. Well tonight I am resurrecting this […]

Beyond Psychosis

I’m ready for real life beyond psychosis. I’m always amazed how God works in various areas of my life even when I don’t pray. I prayed a lot when I was psychotic and now am busy living my sane life free from all delusions. So maybe I have quite a bit of prayers in the […]

A Brain (mental) Health Blog

I am coming out of my Covid cocoon for a moment to welcome some new visitors to my site. My name is Victoria Marie Alonso and I have run this blog since 2013 Noshameinschizophrenia or My personal recovery from Schizophrenia. I was diagnosed in 2008, with full blown psychotic break happening 2006-2008; my psychiatric issues […]

Hello from the other side…

I must have called a thousand times. Hard week for sure! Anniversary of my dad’s stroke, 4 years as of July 2, 2020. And he still blesses me… That is our song by Adele, Hello. I do not have him with me in the same way anymore but we still have a strong connection and […]

Welcome and happy Sunday…

Welcome to my new followers~ How I appreciate you all~ There is a method to my madness~ Not as mad as I once was 2006-2008.  Hearing voices, hallucinating, buzzing and messages I had to write down and give to various priests and people.  No one was safe except for a few.  The devil even attacked […]