About Victoria

writer/blogger/public speaker

About Victoria

She holds a Master’s in Psychology (earned post-diagnosis) and is passionate about sharing her experience of recovery from Schizophrenia/Schizoaffective Disorder since 2006., which is currently in full remission with anti-psychotics and kratom.

She resides on the Central Coast in California with her husband of 30 years, 4 children (2 still live with her) and her granddaughter.

Originally from Los Angeles, she loves to visit Maui and spend precious time with family and her pups, while writing various articles/blogs on many topics, mainly well-being of body, mind and spirit. and psychosis. For a Psychosis Recovery Inventory read here.

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Victoria loves to meet new people! If you want to chat about living life with a mental disorder or whatever is on your mind feel free to reach out through her contact page.

stay tuned for an upcoming podcast coming soon!