Perfect love casts out all fear…

To love and be loved by another (in this case it is me and my son) in a perfect union of delight in each other’s lives and the family especially our nuclear family.

To care more for the well being of each other than for that of ourselves in an imperfect dance of one trying to outdo the other especially when one is down in spirit.

To see God’s hand reaching out to both with many comforts and condolences in the way of physical gifts, reminders and encouragement for help.

There is no fear on my side of the street but I’m prayerful as best I can for him not to fear right now either during this time of waiting for some test results.

I know my job as his mother is to help him to grow in his life to be the man who God intends.

But it doesn’t help that we decided a month ago that we should die on the same day for we both feel we cannot live without one another. This was right before he got sick.

My prayers these days are a simple lifting up my heart to God and that is all. That is enough. I have faith God will continue to reach out His love and mercy upon us.

For perfect love casts out all fear especially the not knowing.



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