What helps when suicidal…

Having someone to talk to who can be of support is huge. Someone who has been there too and that is not judgemental or negative can be great help.

Eating healthy even if one can only eat a little. Make it count. Smoothies are great at a time like this with fresh or favorite fruits. Add in chia seeds or flaxseed and probiotics too! Avoiding processed foods and greasy foods also helps.

Journaling- just getting your thoughts out on the computer or a notebook can really help. This can help with figuring out what problems are real and be a good way to find what is really going on.

Reading uplifting words through blogs, quotes, books and any past writing done that has helped you in the past can put you in a better headspace. I highly recommend “Man’s Search for Meaning “ by Viktor Frankl. He writes how finding meaning in your life can help through suffering.

Podcasts that get to the point. I am sick of trying to find podcasts that don’t just get to the topic in the title that sounds promising. I highly recommend The Failed Christian podcast by Joey papa. It’s direct, to the point and gives hope that God is loving and kind.

Taking kratom in low responsible doses is huge for me. It can be used as an antipsychotic and antidepressant and also help with chronic pain. Click here for more on how kratom has changed my life🙂

I have not been suicidal since I started taking kratom in May 2022. That is until last night. All my stress finally caught up with me. I decided that I did need my regular dose of my antipsychotic that I was lowering with my doctor’s help. I took it last night, slept 11 hours, and woke up feeling more hopeful. I also was messaging my life coach and getting support from him. I was not actively suicidal but am passively suicidal right now. So I am taking my own advice and doing all the above. I am also going to take a walk with my pup who has been sick.

Update 8pm- I remembered today that having suicidal ideation is a coping mechanism that is sometimes triggered by stress. I’m bummed 🙁 I feel this way but it’s nice to know it’s not weird at all.

I decided after getting some good news that my granddaughter is fine now to do some things that I enjoy. I tidied, cooked for my dog ( if she doesn’t get better soon may have to put her down and she’s my mental health support doggie), put up some twinkling lights to brighten my home tonight and going to watch the Disney movie Brave tonight after I listen to a new episode of the above mentioned podcast that drops at midnight est which is 9pm my time.

I have support with some friends that I trust with my stuff. It’s still hard for me to pray but I have other’s prayers so I know God doesn’t mind that I’m not talking much to Him right now. I still love and honor God just confused about much of my life. Off to do some more tidying and going through my few possessions to give to the thrift store.

What has helped you when you are feeling suicidal? Feel free to email me or comment to help others- victoriamariealonso@yahoo.com



5 thoughts on “What helps when suicidal…

    1. Thanks so much Wynne! I appreciate it! To give you a glimpse we are awaiting biopsy results for my youngest son (will know tomorrow hopefully), my granddaughter was sick the last 3 days but finally today took a turn for the better and my mental health support dog has been sick for going on 3 weeks now. Might have to put her down. Plus other annoying stuff!!! I need a break! Hope you are well!

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