The test of Sanity and Well Being…

In “Holistic healing for Beginners Series, What Makes Me Feel Better?” by P. Restaino they use a scale to measure sanity and well being. Today I rated the answers and I scored very mentally sane and sound. I wish to share tonight these examples they use to see where improvement is needed.

I’ll skip the body examples and get right to the mind-

How is anxiety affecting my mind?”- I chose the highest you could score, Peaceful, no judgment. While I have had much to be anxious about lately I really feel peaceful tonight without a care in the world. This would not have been the case yesterday! I am glad that I am able to let things go after processing them and dealing with them as best I can. The other choices were- able to release judgment quickly, intermittent judgment and constant judgement.

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My life coach session today of which I had two sessions this week is really good at coming up with common sense and compassionate answers to my many problems as they come up. I did shoot myself in the foot though (but it’s ok) when I agreed he should raise his rates, suggested he charge more and he took me up on it right after our session. I knew this was coming. He is just that good and has an enormous heart to help the world. If anyone would like a wonderful life coach that truly cares about people, check out Joeytalks to book a session. Although I won’t be seeing him as often, I feel good about all we have accomplished in such a short time.

Next question- “How calm is my mind“? Again I scored high with an answer of Calm mind. The other answers are- mind is inconsistently calm, brain fog, mind is a little busy and racing mind, debilitating. Again, yesterday I would have scored the lowest score. It is amazing how much can differ in one day.

I am learning from my mistakes I am happy to say!

How positive are my words?” Today I am speaking appreciative and encouraging words, but again yesterday I had consistent negative words. If anyone caught the title of my blog yesterday that I took down as soon as I could after realizing I was spreading negativity, I do apologize. I was very hurt and it was the first and hopefully last time that I blog like that:)

Impact of my thoughts” is the next scale and again I scored well with the answer- consistently grateful, kind and appreciative thoughts. Yesterday was mean and unkind thoughts!

Do you see a pattern here? I am human it is good to know but God’s grace and power extends beyond my mind thank goodness.

I actually stopped praying yesterday till 4pm today. I was hurt and confused but Joey my life coach and a friend I have had for 25 years helped me get back on track. I did ask for prayer in my blog I deleted so if you are one of the few people who prayed for me that I could pray again, I thank you very much!

Mind you I wasn’t mad at God, just unable to speak to Him like I usually do and also thank goodness that He doesn’t answer me back anymore lol. That was a joke! But there is truth to every joke…

When I was psychotic for many years I thought I was hearing from God all the time to a debilitating degree. So I am glad now for the silence. For a while I missed the constant noise of what I thought was heaven messaging me constantly. But now I know I am in reality and actually feel good about how I rectified my mistake yesterday to take the blog down that was mean spirited and vengeful.

How did you rate?

I actually don’t recommend this book as it is a bit confusing but kept it because of this scale. It is good to have a measuring tool and helps me to set goals for my mind. I know I will make more mistakes in life but I think it is all about how quickly one bounces back from any missteps.

Have a wonderful night/day:)



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