No Longer Psychotic, realizing what is Real…

Now that I am no longer psychotic thanks to kratom I am realizing what is real and it’s kind of fun:)

At the end of this blog I will also list what I know isn’t real just for comparison.

It’s amazing how much I have been tricked lately to pursue things that aren’t real. I see these as distractions from my family and blogging so dreamed about this blog and been thinking about writing it all morning.

Things that are real!

Bills- but there are ways to dispute them if they are false charges or overcharges.

Prayer- I have now come to know that prayer is real when done with an honest open heart towards God.

My love- for God, my husband, my children and granddaughter and most of my family. I used to not believe that I was loved and that was why I was suicidal. But now thanks to much clearer thinking I know that love is real and necessary.

Kratom as an antipsyhcotic- it really does work to end psychotic delusional thinking. See here for more about how kratom has changed my life and ended psychosis and my schizophrenia symptoms.

problems- this is a hard one, because some problems are made up in our minds when we are swayed by false compliments, prayer and manipulation. Many problems are created in our mind also. So how does one know if a problem is real or a figment of our imagination. Prayer helps as does asking others to pray, discernment which can be achieved through a faithful friend, therapist or in my case a life coach. Asking someone with common sense is also a great aid.

Psychosis- When I was psychotic not that long ago I was very confused about my life for the past 16 years. Mental illness is real too and hopefully people will get help when needed to deal with all that causes angst in them to get to a better place mentally.

Good people- People that don’t trick you, people who are sparse with compliments because they are not trying to impress you or gain anything you may have. There are good people out there and I hope I am one of them. I write this blog for free and my only compensation is knowing that I have helped others in small and big ways. I also write for me. I am not removing any more blogs that I have written the last month as they are a good reminder of my mistakes. See below for my short list on what they are or were.

Last but not least dogs are real- my dog knows when I am psychotic, trusts me to the level that I have gained with her and loves me for real. And is it not a coincidence that dog spelled backwards is God? Yes my dog is very real and I would appreciate prayers for her to return to good health!

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That is my list for today of what is real. Now for the lessons I have learned.

What is not real

friendships that develop quickly and have any sort of urgency to them or obsessiveness around them. A true friend will have a life too and not be available all the time 24/7. Also meeting people online can be an indicator of a level of distrust.

homeopathy is not real either. It is a placebo effect that is hoped to trick the mind into believing that it is really doing something to help. It is a mind game that I have learned the hard way. There is no quick fix to cure my psychotic symptoms. I am very glad I never shared my source of where I was receiving my “treatment”. The diet was ridiculous although I did learn some things that help me to feel less bloated.

and lastly on my list today-

Quick cures of any kind are to be treated with suspicion. Whether it is weight loss or mental illness, unfortunately there is no magic pill to help.

Hope everyone who reads this gets something out of this blog and feel free to add anything in the comments that is or isn’t real that you have learned in your life. As a community on here we can help each other out so please feel free to share.



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