Putting out fires one at a time…

I have had to break from my regular blogging but I am taking care of much business that I have neglected for the last few months. I am focused, sane and have still had many fires to put out, sometimes gracefully and sometimes not. But I am doing it with the help of kratom and my new homeopathic treatment for psychosis is underway although I am not sure yet if it is doing anything. It’s only a 3 month process with a check in with the doctors from India at the six week point.

It’s a bit of a pain because I can’t eat or drink anything or take other medicine, which I am still taking albeit at a lower dose, for 15-30 minutes between each dose which is 3-4 times a day! Whew it’s a lot of work to remember but I have been on it and will be worth it if it cures me as it has others with Schizoaffective Disorder.

In the midst of all my regular work, work I am behind on from my viral infection, which lasted 2 1/2 weeks and just playing major catch up, my dog has finally shown marked improvement from her virus but is a lot of work too with frequent feedings and potty breaks/walks. Tonight my other dog, Tinni, showed signs of the same illness! I do not know what tomorrow will bring but I already started her on a bland diet with probiotics.

Photo by Hilary Halliwell on Pexels.com

Also I’m in the process of cleaning and moving my son’s room into his new room. I honestly don’t know where I would be without kratom to keep me motivated. Also celebrating the one year anniversary of my dad’s passing into eternal life was very emotional.

Being sane and dealing with life is how I want it though. So I will be back to regular blogging soon. I feel like all that above is very boring but I want to give others hope that when one is not psychotic, it is possible to get much done.

When I am psychotic I am not in the real world so it is awesome to be in reality and even though my reality is often about putting out fires preventing me from writing or spending time with my bestie, I have hope that I will get caught up by December.

Tomorrow we are having family dinner, which I look forward to taking a break from chores. I don’t mind chores because of kratom, but I mind not being able to relax, but I relaxed a lot in Mexico and after so basically I feel like I have a job now. I am perhaps preparing myself to actually get a paid job after I am off antipsychotics so this is great practice.

Coming soon is an interview with Bethany Yeiser who founded CureSZ (cure schizophrenia) and plans to start another Sunday Series with the topic to still be decided.

Also great news my algorithms are running great thanks to all the SEO (search engine optimization) work I put in 6 months ago. But I need to blog at least every few days so I will definitely be thinking while working about some new old topics that come to my mind. But it is nice to see that this blog has a life of its own as I observe from all the traffic and likes:) Thank you all for your support!

Wishing you all well!



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