On this Sacred day…

As we remember this solemn day and all those who passed away on 9/11, I also remember my dad who passed away exactly 1 year ago today. He was a huge history buff so it was not surprising to me at all that he passed into eternal life on the 20 anniversary of 9/11.

I miss him so much it at times is still unbearable but God is good 😊 and I rejoice that we had 5 extra years with him after he suffered 2 major strokes in 2016. Which left him bedridden and cognition came and went through the years.

I had no expectations today for anything special but God had bigger plans. Today right now here in California we are having a heat wave which finally broke a little bit ago. I took my dog outside after coming home after a visit with my mom. Again no expectations but we had a lovely visit.

I decided to sit with my pup on the garden bench for a bit with quiet thoughts to myself of my dad. All of a sudden I felt a sprinkle of rain. I knew what that might mean and lo and behold a double rainbow in the sky. I happened to have my phone and snapped this picture which I believe along with my immediate family that this represents my dad and my brother in law hanging out together in heaven or wherever one believes.

I have had to take a break from blogging for all I have to do in my life but will be back soon. Just had to share this pic with the world!

I love you dad and Jimmy 🌈🌈



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