0000 Bring it on! Starting Homeopathic treatment for psychosis 9/7/2022…

Update 9/15/2022

I have stopped this treatment and have learned that it is placebo. I do not recommend this treatment for anything as serious as psychosis.


My homeopathic treatment for psychosis has arrived and I am starting it tonight at midnight.

I am excited, nervous about the diet that goes with it and hopeful.

Wish me well…

I have a lot to do in preparation for my first day of treatment: meal planning, go over all instructions and psyche myself up.

I have much hope that this horror story of all my years of being psychotic will end in 3 months.

Kratom is great but this is a cure not just a bandaid. Others have done this with success so I know I can be a success too.

I could spend my energy complaining tonight about how my life has been a mess for 52 years off and on but instead I choose tonight to focus on the solution, which sits at my fingertips.

Not that it is bad to describe difficulties. We all need to vent sometimes. But there comes a point when one has to make up their mind to do something different about whatever the problem may be or quit complaining.

For instance my stomach issues returned today sadly, but I chose to go to urgent care and get a fresh set of eyes on my complicated whatever it is that ails me. I refuse to complain about it, just stating the facts although it has also been quite an ordeal. My dog is still sick too but we both took our new probiotics to get better so we shall see!

Off to memorize my new plan with cheat sheets.

Victory is soon upon me I pray to the Lord God Almighty!



P.S. For those of you wondering why I put 0000 in the title? Well I believe in angel numbers speaking to me as many do believe. I saw 0000 in my stats which is rare and did not know its meaning. 0 visitors 0 views 0 comments and 0 likes! This excited me and I knew it was significant. After I finished writing my blog, I looked it up and here is its meaning-

Biblical Meaning of 0000

Biblically, the number 0 signifies the infinite nature of God. God is the beginning and the end. He is the Alpha and Omega. The one who was even before creation and the one who exists forever. This number signifies the universal love that God has for His creation that never ends. It also signifies eternal life for us, humans, after the second coming of Christ and the descent of the New Jerusalem.

0000 spiritually is, therefore, a manifestation of all that the number 0 stands for. This number also signifies the state of the earth before God created anything. In the beginning, the earth was formless and empty. The number zero is hollow and empty hence the resemblance. This number assures us of our infinite potential with the help and guidance of the divine realm.

NOW I REALLY HAVE MUCH HOPE!!! 0000 bring it on baby:)

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