My Heart goes out to all who suffer with Psychotic Symptoms…

You cannot take my spirits but being psychotic really rips the life out of all who have suffered with psychotic symptoms, including me and all who have reached out to me through the years since 2013.

Many emails, acquaintances, forever friends all around the world, comments, likes, pingbacks all make me feel that my blog is making an impact big and small. For some people it is a brief interaction and I accept that, but others who have been with me on this journey through my blog, well that is great to know all of you. I don’t mind if what I write isn’t interesting or helpful for all. Can’t please all I have learned the hard way so I don’t take offense when someone drops out of my life. I don’t take it personally anymore.

I am a mother and gramma and how fortunate I feel that none of my offspring have entered into a psychotic state. I wouldn’t wish this type of life on anybody, even myself. It is not fun, not exciting, not entertainment. I don’t mind the curious and welcome any students, mental health professionals, or fellow sufferers or loved ones reaching out to me with questions or feedback.

In fact I think this is a great conversation to be had. I look forward to more of the same. I never know who will reach out in agony or support through my email- . I welcome all especially those interested in kratom as an antipsychotic, which has given me a whole new life. To read more about how kratom has helped me click here for my updated blog about kratom.

I am at peace tonight and finally off the roller coaster with my physical health problems subsiding after over 2 weeks with a viral infection. This tired me greatly but I still blogged as best as I could because I enjoy it so much. My dog has also been sick several days but she is showing improvement every day thank goodness.

It has been really hot here for several days as well, which has brought about fun with warm evenings. But also has brought out the worst in me. I snapped at my husband the other night and we took our space which I sorely needed due to my not feeling well, the heat, the sick dog and some worry for my youngest son. But we only quarreled briefly and then did a fantastic job finishing a home project which took 3 days!

Tonight was sweet and now that I feel well again, actually got the dishes done after dinner with my husband and spent some time in my garden with my pup on this lovely warm evening. Now ending the day with a blog to the world and then who knows. I am a night owl, admittedly, so looking forward to where my attention will be drawn or I might just relax in a hot bath. Not sure yet.

I personally think it is very healthy for me now to be able to have a brief spat with my significant other, have my worries about my son and dog and then after prayer, acceptance and relief to be able to engage in many productive things.

This has not been the case prior to using kratom. Any argument back then turned into a 2 or 3 day fight, and due to not being in reality, drama at many levels. I like my life now much better sane and ordinary.

To all who are still suffering there is hope! I am sure of this. And I won’t rest until psychosis is eradicated from our existence. Kudos to all who are studying to learn more about psychosis, schizophrenia and any psychotic disorder!

Thanks for your support!



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