Remembered Schizophrenia…

For that is all that it is now a memory that I am putting as much time and space to, now that I no longer have schizophrenia…

This is all thanks to kratom an herb that is also an antipsychotic and antidepressant which has given me a whole new life!

I am pondering much about this because I have succeeded in cutting my nightly dose of Risperdal, an antipsychotic I have been taking faithfully for 14 1/2 years until 3 days ago that is.

But i have my psychosis recovery inventory to check my headspace if any of the signs are creeping up on me. Let’s check it now-

Seeing, hearing, feeling or smelling things- none

Not even that buzzing in my head that is a tactile hallucination.

Strange thoughts, beliefs especially that i am very special, messages (thought insertion) or anything out of the ordinary- none

Suicidal thinking- absolutely not in fact i have never wanted to be alive more than now!

Eating more or less than usual, same with sleep, personal hygiene, and upkeep of everything i usually do- nope

In fact i am actually in the middle of several fun projects with my husband, daughters, granddaughter, sons and my one true forever friend! I have let the house and gardens go a bit but to be expected with all of this and taking care of my sick dog who is getting better!

Have i missed anything? I will check my blog on that a little later and add a link when i do.

I also am pondering much about all i put my family through these past 16 years. All because of kratom.!!! might blog more how my life has changed if you all are interested. Let me know with a like or follow if you’re not following me yet.

Along those lines i also completed that moderate size project today. I proofread joeytalks journal on proper use of kratom. Email me if you want the link! In thankful appreciation he put my name and this blog as editor on the cover page! I wasn’t expecting that but excited to possibly get the kratom community into my blog.

Joeytalks is a upcoming mega youtuber who currently has 20,500 subscribers. He has grown quickly because his videos on YouTube are usually quick, fun and flawless. He is also my friend, life coach and now this.

Wow 😯

That’s all for tonight. Will add links in am.



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