Positive breeds positive…

What we think of ourselves we shall become…

As I have said recently, I choose life over death,, I choose positivity over negativity.

As my kids have up in their make shift gym from 2020, “Positive Vibes Only”

Sometimes I am not allowed in the gym haha but not by my kids, by myself.

As I sit on the bike that don’t go anywhere, I read these words and think, my thinking right now really sucks. Then I ride a few miles and tell myself, ok, maybe I belong here.

I think we all do it to varying degree. We are human beings and we will not be positive 100% of the time. But we can be reminded, as my kids did, that seeking- positive vibes only- is the way to be.

Sometimes it is a tremendous fight, and some days we may not win, but if we are still breathing, we can still change in an instant our thinking.

Today I flipped between various thoughts and I won because I am alive and sharing my humanness tonight on here.

I have a moderate project this weekend which I am starting tonight. It will help me to promote my blog, but must get in a quick blog before I dig in to it. It’s a fun project and I will share soon.

Wishing you all positive thoughts throughout the day and night, and when those negative thoughts try to tempt us away from a positive mindset, may we remember my adult kids mantra, “Positive Vibes Only”.

I am so very proud of all my kids:)



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