Being Truly Alive…

Whether it is finding sacredness in the mundane or silent moment, this blog is an attempt to describe what being truly alive means…

Silence is rich, but most people including me at times find that “people need noise” anonymous

However it is in the silence that one may be able to listen with their heart to find meaning and purpose.

And thus we shall be “blossoming like a flower” Brother David Steindle-Rast writes from the book, the way of silence- engaging the sacred in daily life, which is where all this blog’s quotes are from unless otherwise noted.

Not to put off any people who might not use such language whether they be atheists, agnostics or ???

He also states very clearly there is room for all religious or secular beliefs, even going so far as writing that the idea could easily be held to “replace the word spirit with common sense”. I really had to think about that one and must admit that often I am lacking in common sense and often find it with my secular friend who I have invited to read this night’s blog.

That means to me now that I have read yet another book that has changed my life, that sometimes I am lacking in spirit. I run around and do good deeds and take time for myself with no thought of God or common sense. This week’s roller coaster ride is a perfect example.

I know that I have a lot of people praying for me, who are way more spiritual or full of common sense than I. But how I choose to proceed that is my choice and my choice alone.

Does that mean that I stop my life and pray all day long. Absolutely not. To me it means to give more thought to each action. But I am getting ahead of myself. There is more basics to cover from this eye-opening book!

“Human quest for meaning” is the meat of the answer, which I have already written much about against suicidal thoughts, boredom and apathy. To find meaning helps us to bear anything,- paraphrased by I think Nietzsche in Man’s Search for Meaning by Viktor Frankl another book I highly recommend as life changing. I have not been suicidal since reading this book when I was in Maui, April 2022.

“Contemplation in action” becomes the “prayer of understanding”. And there is no longer any confusion in understanding.

“Do your duty and in the doing you will understand”. How much I appreciate other people’s perspectives.

If we are able to succeed at doing this we are able to broaden our own views, without losing them.

For me it is writing, for another it is crocheting gifts for loved ones. We all can find meaning and purpose in our lives if we are seeking it.

That’s all tonight world. Just a few little big thoughts to broaden our horizons.

Wish me well please as tonight I am going to take half my Risperdal. My doctor encourages this but has said to wait until there is no stress. Well that just isn’t going to happen in my lifetime. Perhaps when I am old and gray?? So I am taking the plunge and going to go for it. There is nothing looming coming up and I feel like I don’t really need it. We shall see!



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