Today’s Roller Coaster Ride…

The roller coaster ride actually started yesterday with a bad dream…

I woke up at 5:30am, which I never do, and didn’t want to go back to sleep for the bad dream that woke me up in tears to continue. I tried not to ruminate about the dream but it had such a profound impact on me that it was in my subconscious if I wasn’t thinking about it.

Anyway, with the early wake up yesterday, (One question please? What do people do at 5:30 am anyway?) it really messed with my sleep schedule. This would have been fine but it was the first day of many things.

First day I felt completely well from viral infection at last.

First day I tried celery juice as an herbal treatment for all my ailments.

person feeding vegetable on brown animal
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And first day I got to see my granddaughter after being sick for so long.

Viral infection lasted 9 days, which has been another roller coaster ride! Very glad to be able to eat again except for today I got sick because I may have drank my celery juice too much and too fast and ended up with nausea all day. The benefits of celery juice are amazing though so am not going to let today derail me as I believe there are many answers to my mental and physical health predicaments that it will help with. A few of its benefits are help with thyroid, digestion, anxiety, anguish, arthritis, weight control and more. To learn more about how millions are getting healthy with it click here. On that link there is also a link to the book I have been studying the last two days. After I continue with it I will be blogging about how it affects my many health issues.

After I drank some yesterday I was finally able to eat regular again after a small dose. But then today I learned my lesson to sip it slowly and keep it to a small dose to start. I invested in a juicer and got my son to try it. He feels better too!

Sorry to be jumping around with my topics tonight! Anyway back to the bad dream. It sat with me all day until I felt prompted to read another book I am studying on healing the thyroid naturally. I picked it up to read about my thyroid and my hashimoto’s but instead I found a page on how dreaming bad dreams isn’t a bad thing. It means you are healthy actually if you are able to process your stuff while asleep. See here for a more thorough explanation. So my bad dream I believe now was just working out some crap I was holding onto.

But the lack of sleep really messed with my kratom dosing and I may have overdone it for the first time. I have scaled back on the kratom today but all day today I felt sick until someone reminded me to drink some electrolytes. Like magic I felt better. Also I know that prayer helped too with the way everything worked out. I needed help today and got it!

But it’s been a roller coaster with lack of sleep, too much kratom, unable to enjoy my vices, and my dog got sick tonight too. On top of that my husband and son are both sick with different things! I actually googled if our house is making us sick but we don’t fit the criteria with the symptoms but it’s good to know what to watch out for now.

I was determined to blog tonight and sat down without knowing at 9:59 with my nightly reminder to blog timer going off at ten pm. Love it when that happens.

So much to process so hoping for some bad dreams tonight haha. Not really but glad to know that I am healthy according to the medical medium.

I hope you enjoyed last night’s guest blog. I have gotten some great feedback on it already so happy to have the night off, which I needed.

Schizophrenia remains at bay with my kratom and my homeopathic treatment arriving as soon as this week!

We shall see!

Lots going on but really do appreciate all the likes and comments.

Tomorrow stay tuned for a blog on a different book I am reading on spirituality that actually helped me to understand my atheistic friends. Unless there is another roller coaster ride:)

Off to relax and check on my doggie.

Update:at the pet er with my doggie butter at 1am

Update at 3am she has an expensive tummy ache. X-rays and blood work are normal.

Picking her up in 15 minutes!

Hopefully the roller coaster ride is over

Very relieved but I will be sleeping in ha ha

The staff were incredibly kind, understanding and compassionate especially Kimberly and Mark.

They had told me to go home and get some sleep but I shared as I rarely do that I have a mental health disorder and if I take my medicine I won’t be able to wake up. The assistant shared she takes Ambien and completely understood. Wow how incredible is that?

When I came home I made my daughters old room’s bed with clean sheets and put the laundry away (made everything on my list Pammie lol❤️). We (me n Butter) will be sleeping in here tonight because the meditation room stinks from Butters accident).

I also read my book today’s post will be on which I’m looking forward to writing. Here’s a teaser- using the words common sense in stead of spirit (which is way overused in my opinion) is not only acceptable but a great way to connect with atheists. Any thoughts on that are deeply appreciated 😉

Thanks for any prayers and or positive thoughts!



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