What is true friendship? And guest blog tomorrow…

“Greater love has no man than this that a man lay down his life for his friends.” John 15:13

True friendship is not easy to come by…

I am not sure I am the best person to write this but have had this topic requested so I’ll do my very best.

True friendship is being there for that other person when they most need it.

But a true friend will also understand when one needs some space to do xyz for themselves or family.

A true friendship is an imperfect union of two souls who have some degree of commonality and also many differences. The differences are embraced with a certain curiosity but never judged or shamed when one of the people in the friendship conforms to different ideals.

I also believe that a true friend will make mistakes and be forgiven. This is where honesty comes into play to a great trusting degree. When one friend has more in one area whether it be spirituality, money or relationships, there will sometimes be a jealousy, but it will not affect the friendship.

With communication all friendships stand a chance. One cannot be afraid to speak about hurt feelings of even the slightest degree for fear the other one will reject them. Nothing is silly in terms of this sort of communication and the other friend will have compassion and understanding rather than end or diminish the other’s feelings in any way.

True friends can speak the truth no matter what, for I believe the test of a true friendship is that nothing is a test. Areas that may be difficult to discuss once talked through will serve to strengthen the friendship rather than tear it apart. And when things aren’t talked through a wonderful chance is lost, not forever for it is never too late to go over things.

Love is easy but hiding how we feel does a disservice to the other friend. If that makes sense.

In friendship there will be times of boredom or silence and that is ok because a true friend will not judge the relationship on any one day or moment of pain, sadness or lack luster.

I hope I have written well on this topic. Feel free to add to this list or argue with any points I may have included. I no longer fear criticism. On to my guest blogger..

Tomorrow we will be having a guest on here noshameinschizophrenia.com who also has a blog and much experience with overcoming Schizophrenia. I am excited to share her story and I get a night off from my usual blog. I have also recently been a guest on her blog in a fun exchange which was her idea. And I love it.



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