After a very busy fun day!

Today started with sleeping in late, then a mad rush to get to an escape room with my family. This is the second escape room we have done and this one surpassed the other one in Maui last year with its 80’s theme!

We were rocking out 🎸 to 80’s jams madly trying to beat the clock to get back to win the game. We made it thanks to my youngest son, aka, the master of escape rooms with one minute to spare!!!

It was a blast and if you’re ever on the central coast in California drop me a line and I’ll give you the details to this one clever woman running her business like it ain’t nobody’s business!

After we went to grub and then said our goodbyes all the while planning our next visit to one of her 7 escape rooms in November. This one she built during Covid so it’s got extra thought put into it.

I almost ended up at urgent care again because I ignored my physical health today trying to just have some fun. I do that rarely but today I knew it was important to my sister that I go and it was worth it although I paid for it after.

I have much peace and patience and love lately to push myself a bit although I am not healed yet from the viral infection.

Things are important to me to do so I did not heed my own advice and pushed myself but resting now with reading a few good books on my daughters old bed in her old room texting her with my pup right next to me!

I have peace because although I ignored my physical health I did much good for my family and knew I would be able to rest tonight.

To sum it all up I will share that I helped my daughter pack up half of her things, me holding the clean trash bags while she stuffed her many clothes in them.

After 6 huge bags she piled it all up in her little car and filled up mine and I drove it over to her new home.

I was talking to my friend off and on all day so I jokingly told Pammie where we were off to next. I decided to drive down our main drag just to take a little break from the mess at my house. Before I know it I get this strong craving for a donut 🍩.

I had to yelp an open donut shop finally finding one further south. I take Pammie with me and finally buy a dozen donuts for me and all my kids! Then off me and Pammie go to deliver them to my happy kids! I love to spoil all of them including my husband who is the biggest kid of all of them! Best part Pammie is with me on the phone telling me all about the dishcloths she is crocheting for me! So excited 😆

Then after trying to eat a donut I realized I never ate anything of substance so I made some yummy chicken noodle and broccoli soup with special seasoning. Ate some and feeling better now.

Why am I sharing all of this day with you? Because this is how my days go now that I am not having any symptoms of schizophrenia or psychosis. I can actually do things for others and me and be ok.

My social anxiety is completely gone and if anyone read last nights blog I wrote that if we get rest it opens up a world of spontaneity sometimes which is exactly what happened today! Donuts at 9pm and dinner at 11pm!

I do have much peace to stretch my limits and do it all with my best friend in Missouri!

Great to not even worry about my mental health issues these days as long as I take my kratom!

Soon hopefully won’t have to be so religious about it with homeopathic treatment on its way from India.

And life will be a new normal very soon once I get better and eat again.

Finally I wish to share the interesting variety of books I am reading tonight- Celery Juice the most powerful medicine of our time healing millions worldwide!, thyroid healing, the kratom guide and manual by joeytalks and last but not least the way of silence engaging the sacred in daily life.

If you have heard of any of these books do share in the comments what you think of them. I have an hour to read and then off to sleep!

Much peace to all of the world!


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