The Importance of Rest…

Every day possible we need to get a good nights rest and an occasional nap.

We do so much at times and our mind, bodies and spirit can only handle so much. We can honor these three aspects of our human condition by resting.

Taking a break from whatever we are busy with to stretch, sleep and if inclined practicing meditation or mindfulness. This will not only give our bodies and minds rest but also prepare us for the next day.

With a restful mindset we can actually accomplish more than ever or listen to our minds and bodies with more rest!

By honoring these needs we will heal from difficulties, be more creative and possibly even be more spontaneous.

This is fun! And all because of rest.

I know I do too much some days but am going to take my own advice and settle down for the night and…. You guessed it REST!

I am still sick with the viral infection but today I actually was able to run some errands and eat a little more and clean my house. Even though I feel I could do more im going to take a hot bath and enjoy a quiet evening.

Be blessed world and do feel free to share your thoughts on how you like to rest in the comments.



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