True to yourself…

Welcome Panamá and Zimbabwe! I love it when new countries visit my blog, but also appreciate all countries in this big world that seems smaller as we connect through the written words and the occasional vlog.

Some of you were unable to view it I understand so will stick to blogging for now. Thanks for your input. Last night’s late night blog was just me rambling about being sick and falling apart physically and how we can never give up but always trust in God.

This goes great with tonight’s blog on being true to yourself. If we honor our physical, mental and spiritual needs we will be people to be reckoned with! Our lives will have meaning in all we do from the mundane like sweeping the kitchen floor to the grand actions which to me is being there for family and friends who are just like blood 🩸

We will be continually filled with the light of God and be led by the Spirit that lies within each one of us. Faith comes and goes but it sure stays longer when I am connecting mind, body and spirit as often as I can.

Today this looked like a symphony of perfect transactions between slow people, fast people and oblivious people. I didn’t worry when I was driving to pick up a new homeopathic medicine for my viral infection and got behind that driver that would normally drive me nuts going slower than 25 in a 45 mph zone. I didn’t worry today or get irritated because God already showed off working out some intricate details on the rest of my day! Ok got there with time to spare. No such thing as time.

And then texting my daughter, dear friend while spending time with my Hubby. It wasn’t perfect but I fed my daughter and boyfriend and hubby a delicious dinner and it worked out great.

Today I was true to myself by honoring my needs first mostly and putting people I love in my life first. I am still learning but am quite pleased with a hectic day while still recovering from a viral infection.

Things aren’t important! People are!

Putting my wants aside but not my needs is the secret I am learning to have success in my life.

How do you stay true to yourself?



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