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Faithfulness to myself for all that I know is true to be.

Which stands without saying to be true to God, who has many names, but is the same God of us all, I believe this to be true, but stand to be corrected the day of judgement.

Faithfulness to not give up or give in to my morals or core beliefs.

Faithfulness to be true to my family with the occasional lie told to protect, avoid worry and never deception as in evil. This is how I live my life without apologizing.

Faithful in as many ways as I have in my power to do so, to help others, myself and all our God puts in my path. With consideration to mine and other’s many needs. And even if I complain inside or am alone and telling someone off in the car, keeping it to myself and God and no other.

Today I got irritable with a family member who shall not be named. This imperfect person who would seem to be selfish, is actually quite giving to others, but not anymore to me. This is the way I predicted and it stands to be the best route for me and my family. We don’t talk much about me anymore but always discuss others and themselves to a great degree. This is fine with me.

But it is so opposite of where I was last year.

Do you all believe in self-fulfilling prophecies?

I do and I spoke this new dynamic into existence last November, before my last psychotic break, before kratom and now before a new homeopathic treatment.

It is how it is to be and I must not worry about the ramifications of how our lives are still intertwined but with the focus away from me and onto them.

I’m feeling a bit ill today and last few days despite good sleep (fitbit actually says I got excellent sleep!). But I am tiring easily today and even to type is great effort.

So I will keep this short and sweet and encourage you all to always be true to yourselves, yet open to new ways God or whomever you believe in has showed you.

Trusting ourselves and our God is paramount to successful days.

With that I will honor my tiredness and go lie down.



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