The finest things in life…

I write this wisdom that I gleaned from my dad over hours of coffee and his beautiful speaking about the finest things in life…

Family is number one and everyone is family.

Not things, riches or new cars.

Being present each moment possible for whoever is in our path!

Always with a positive outlook and kindness, compassion and encouragement.

I try to live this way too and sometimes I succeed.

My trip to visit my new best friend from here in California to Missouri for 3 days starting tomorrow at 2pm. It has come under question by my husband and sister that I am not thinking logically.

Of course I started to question it too because I am the one with symptoms of psychosis and schizophrenia sometimes.

I am at peace tonight and after checking in with my daughter know that it is not only logical but also beautiful. This insight means the whole world to me.

I hate that I was questioning it myself but know I am not psychotic. I am of sound mind and this trip will be a blast and gift from heaven.

It is the finest thing in life taking time from my hectic schedule and meeting my friend who has been the biggest support that I could never dreamed of. We support each other and we are so much alike it is uncanny.

It’s like we’re two peas from the same pod!

So what is important to you all?

As you ponder this question and I am stealing this thought from someone I read a while ago.

It goes something like this “when you are on your death bed, will you be wishing you had bought more new cars or instead praying or longing for your loved ones around you?”

Does anybody think when they are dying of how much money they will not be able to take to their graves or wish they had spent their life with more time with the people they love?

I know what I choose every time even though I am sure I haven’t been perfect in this ideology to be with my family again and again. And everyone is family!

I’ll still be blogging in Missouri so hopefully you are all well and taking time to be with the people who mean the most to you❤️🙏



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