Yesterday is old, today is new…

How many yesterdays do you have? Truly have?

I have none because we cannot hold onto yesterday.

Although wouldn’t you all agree that yesterday is the building block for today?

It is indeed old and today is new, new beginnings abounding, new life transforming, new ideas, new plans. I shall spend eternities trying to understand the ins and outs of my existence. How many opportunities did I pass up? How many chances did I have? To get it right?

I know everything will be alright! I just finished an uplifting phone call and have new hope that it will be.

It helps to talk to others of like mind.

Taking each day for what the day brings and a new day can start right now this very second.

The lives that we all have is a gift. And when we forget it is good to be reminded by others.

As I proceed with my homeopathic health history, it is all of my life almost. All that has gone wrong. And I seem to add to it each day. But I don’t worry. I will get it done. Perhaps in the time I am in Missouri next week from my hotel to meet my forever friend…

I know it is important, but so are people. And I am very blessed with my son coming in my room tonight to talk. I made time for him and am so grateful I did so. For we are not granted tomorrow as I have said before.

No guilt. No shame in Schizophrenia or anything else. Following the leading of my heart in all I do.

This is the way I live my life. Adaptable…

Creativity, Compassion and Courage in all I do as I move on to the next thing.

Very blessed to be of sound mind with even more promising days ahead…



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