Things we have no control of…

Are things meant to be?

Or do we have a hand in our fate?

How do we know what we need?

I do not have the answers to these questions tonight and won’t until I am on the other side.

With my dad

I love my life. I am not complaining about my lack of knowing. Rather acknowledging I do not have all the answers.

Another honest blog tonight

I have so much, am filled with love and peace. And best of all I am content.

I connected to all my favorite people today so that is a good day in my books.

I trust all God has for me and feeling like I am most certainly in His Will because I choose life over death, love over hate and peace over drama every day.

This guides my life and all that I am.

Even on a day like this when things don’t go my way I still feel guided by heaven in all I do.

As my dad would say I have a full plate. But I love it and will never deny a good deed because I am sick or tired if it is still in my power.

First day back from Mexico and I actually learned a few things.

I don’t need as many comforts as I thought.

I actually prefer cold showers but still took a hot shower tonight and prefer the lifeless pillow and bed in Mexico 🇲🇽 over my super comfy ones here at my home.

I am so weird still but not psychotic thankfully 😅

I do prefer being sane over anything else other than being with my friend and family.

Be at peace that we are right where we need to be. And if we are discontent we always have the choice to do something else.

Knowing our body’s needs really aids in discovering what we may need.

Tomorrow I’m walking with my dog and taking more time for prayers of the heart.

What is your next right thing for your body, mind and spirit?



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