Home safe! And Homeopathic Treatment for Psychosis Update…

Arrived home safely from ten day trip to Mexico 🇲🇽!

I’m so glad to be home! But it’s funny I’m so exhausted from my wonderful stay, I’m a bit overwhelmed with gratitude to God and all the friends and family prayers, tiredness and love for all that I’m still blogging in my favorite chair with my favorite pup by my side. And still from my phone.

It was a time of much adaptation to different ways of life. A life that I no longer take for granted. I’m dirty, covered with sunburn and mosquito bites and can’t stop thinking in Spanish.

I need to be alone for at least a week. Haha just kidding. I will say a couple things in this quick blog.

I had decided recently that I wouldn’t be traveling beyond Maui. Now that I had a successful time in an impoverished country I know that more travel is in my future. Starting with Missouri in September, and then who knows. This is all because of kratom. I plan to travel the world 🌎 one country at a time.

I have also been asked to speak at a caregiver support group on zoom. This is exciting as I feel very confident to do other speaking engagements on zoom or in person. I have always loved to public speak. When I was little I would give long speeches in the bathtub! So if you would like me to speak just drop me an email or use my contact form above.

And lastly! As to me sharing where I am getting homeopathic treatment, I don’t feel comfortable posting it on this blog until I have had success with these doctors from India 🇮🇳 and am cured of my symptoms of psychosis. I hope you understand but can’t vouch for them until I know how it helps me.

I am also considering another added alternative treatment which I will be sharing soon once I make up my mind. It is unusual so we shall see.

Have a great evening or day as this blog finds you! Peace to you all from the USA 🇺🇸!



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