Trouble here in Mexico

We travel home tomorrow. My time here in Mexico has been awesome! It has been a great and restful trip.

This morning we got news that there is much trouble here in Mexico 🇲🇽. Riots, attacking civilians and increased police presence with a shelter in place at night in Ensenada and Tijuana.

We will be leaving first thing in morning and I have no fear. It is me, my mother in law and husband. My mother in law is very frightened. Me and my husband are not.

We will be driving 3 hours straight through enseñada and Tijuana not stopping for anything. If you all can pray for our protection and safe travels home it is greatly appreciated. Also for my new friend in Australia.

I believe the enemy (aka devil) is trying to interfere with our homeopathic treatment. Lots of signs.

But I also only took 10 mg of my latuda today (been taking 20 mg) and may be psychotic. I lost my extra latuda and only have half a dose for tomorrow. I am also only on minimum kratom therapeutic dose because I only have enough for tomorrow till 6 pm. Hopefully we will find my brand of kratom in San Diego.

I feel a pressure on the left side of my brain and other slight symptoms of psychosis.

The devil will not succeed at his tricks. God always wins.

I believe God is offering me for the third time relief from my psychotic symptoms.

First was ketogenic diet which did work but is not realistic way to eat for me. Next kratom which rid me of all psychotic symptoms but I still need my antipsychotic medicine and have to keep taking kratom to feel right. And now homeopathic cure.

I am not a prophet so I don’t know for certain it will work but spent the day writing my life account to receive the homeopathic treatment.

Im almost done with it and looking forward to finishing it when I get back home from Mexico.

Im not at my best tonight but that’s ok. I will go to bed soon praying for our trip home, to get kratom and for my friend in Australia.

Peace to all especially in Mexico 🇲🇽


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