Coping with Loss

My dad’s year anniversary of leaving this earth is coming up. I am at peace but because I am human still coping with the loss.

Loss of anything is hard but our loved ones is even harder to bear. Time does not ease the pain of no longer having our favorite people with us.

No such thing as time in grieving.

Today I heard a horrific story of loss. It makes my losses seem smaller somehow.

My aunt who has adopted me as her niece shared several stories of how her brothers were both killed in the last 5 years over drugs. I will spare how they were killed as it is the worst.

When she was telling me in Spanish I was hoping I wasn’t understanding her. It was too much. She told the story today and had very little emotion while telling it. I looked over to my husband quickly to ask him to translate. Sadly I understood her correctly.

All I could say was sorry. Sorry. Sorry.

My aunt also told us that my uncle was struggling much with the loss of his brother. So much that he isn’t sleeping well. His brother came here to Mexico 🇲🇽 to die. He died in our uncles arms.

I pray for my aunt and uncle for their losses. And hope that somehow our presence and deep appreciation for their generosity, kindness and love for their town, and country helps to ease their pain.

They teach me so much! Not with their words but with their actions of selflessness and love for my husband and now me. I don’t want to leave but know that come Sunday we will return home.

Im hoping to carry back with me their beautiful ways and pass it on to my family back home.

I also hope to celebrate my time here and appreciate all that I am blessed with every minute of the day. The good, the bad and the ugly.

Tonight after dinner we took a walk around the neighborhood. I caught this pic of the sunset (I hope I can share it) and on the way back they took a picture of the afterglow. We learn from each other.

Back to the topic tonight. How can we cope with great loss? And what I have learned from my aunt and uncle here in Mexico?

For me it is simple but not always easy.

To live a life that makes my dad proud in heaven.

To always share what I have been blessed with.

To always help and not expect help in return.

To remember our lives are a gift to be taken seriously but to remember to laugh at the ways we sometimes fall short of any grand ideals. For with laughter, love and hope we can surely bear anything.

To live a life with purpose and if we don’t know our purpose to pray for God to show us. He does not let us down when we are sincere in our prayers.

And lastly to always know that our troubles as big as they seem there is always someone who is suffering greater and who needs our compassion and non judgmental ways.

Good night world. Good morning too!

Rest well and never give up🙏❤️☺️ no matter what!



2 thoughts on “Coping with Loss

  1. What a beautiful piece about loss. I love the ways that you deal with grief. The world needs as much non-judgmental compassion as we can give! Enjoy the rest of your time away!


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