Heart beating in Excitement!

Today has been a different day of sorts!

Short recap and then tonight’s excitement with my WhatsApp friend in Australia 🇦🇺

Woke up fine. Good nights sleep. Plans to go to Ensenada today.

Then started feeling ill but not terrible. Didn’t go with husband and family to Ensenada. Stayed behind

FaceTimed with new friend in Missouri. Decided I’m going to go there to celebrate my dad’s one year of passing in September. Lots of smiles! Feeling in a non psychotic way that this trip is meant to be. California to Missouri no problem. With kratom I can travel easily I have learned on this trip to Mexico.

Also going to Sacramento in September with mother in law to visit her son she hasn’t seen in over 5 years!

We thought we lost her other son also today but he was found after some investigation.

Like I said my life isn’t boring even here.

Ate toast with eggs all day because felt ill but better tonight and had some sopes. Yummy Mexican food!

Spent some time with my tío and tía (Aunt and uncle) who have taken me in as their own niece. Talked a lot about my childhood. They are such warm and caring people. Asking questions with tact and curiosity without being pushy. I talk a lot about my dad ❤️. But they don’t seem to tire hearing all about him.

After a late supper, retired to my room and…

Next has been a whirlwind of new information about homeopathic treatment for psychosis symptoms.

Basically I’m going to talk to a homeopathic doctor tomorrow about treatment and ceasing my antipsychotic meds.

I also found a new author, Joshua Alexander, who has healed somehow from Schizoaffective disorder. I bought his book on healing mental illness off Amazon for $6. I also read 20 pages of his other book that is no longer in print but won’t mention it since it is not to be found.

Kratom masks all symptoms beautifully but this other treatment gets to the root. With kratom I have to keep taking it to keep psychotic symptoms away.

So I will share more tomorrow about the results of my appointment.

I am so excited 😆

It seems as i may be healed naturally and if this is for real will be able to stop all psych meds with the help of 2 doctors!

Thank you Australia 🇦🇺. Thank you God. Thank you dear readers.



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