No such thing as time

Time is necessary though for us humans. We always want to organize ourselves so we label things such as time, diagnosis of various disorders, and ourselves.

Time has stopped for me here in Mexico 🇲🇽.

There is morning, and evening that much I know. All else simply isn’t important.

Time in heaven is a beautiful symphony of eternal bliss. Time on earth is finite. And we never know when our eternal life will begin.

Heaven touched down for me tonight. My dad let me know he is ever with me. My love for him has actually grown since his passing coming up on a year next month.

All those who have gone home before us are still with us we can be assured. In our hearts, in our ways and in all our lives.

Today I talked to someone special I haven’t talked to in over ten years. He is family that I ashamedly have forgotten about in prayer. For this I am sorry but today we picked up right where we left off.

He made a mistake and is paying for it now. Again no such thing as time.

All our mistakes that can’t be fixed can truly be remedied easily when our hearts are in the right place. No mistake is too great or too small for God to find a way for us to do the next right thing.

Choices ever before us. It can be maddening to consider how we can be outside of Gods Will for us. But it’s so easy to right our ways and ease the suffering of others.

All our talents whether it is baking a cake or making that difficult sacrifice can be used for good in all that we do.

Simple things, hard things, anything but nothing can bring about much good in this world.

I have many chances lately to accomplish much but the day I arrived here I couldn’t even help at all. Now I can do I do and pray for more chances.



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