An exercise to win over anxiety

I taught this adaptation of some exercises I learned about fighting anxiety or as I choose to say win over anxiety.

This sequence takes 20-30 minutes but will provide a mini version below.

Let me know if it works for you! Again this is a combination of various treatment I have picked up.

1. Get comfortable (lying down is best but at least sitting reclining if possible)

2. Remove all distractions (phone, tv etc. as able) if noise occurs or if children are present this is still possible but better results will occur if it is quiet. Soft piano music or other calming music is good. Or quiet.

3. Wear something comfortable and have the temperature agreeable if possible. An open window or a fan if you have one.

4. Close your eyes or at least a soft gaze. Obviously don’t close your eyes while driving or keeping an eye on the kids

5. Starting with either your feet or head tighten each muscle for four slow counts. So like you would make a fist and or muscle to flex do this with every part of your body. Toes, balls of feet, calves, all the way up or down. After holding each muscle or body part as tight as possible release.

6. When you are done with each area, start square breathing. Breathe in for a count of 4 and exhale for a count of 4, do this 4 times.

7. Stay in position as long as you want. Drink some water or favorite non caffeine drink.

That’s it! Really great to do upon waking, midday or before bed or anytime anxiety is winning.

At first it will take a little time to get a sequence down that will work for you but this progressive relaxation might help you to win over anxiety.

Mini version for those short on time or with little patience.

Choose 4 areas or just your fists to tighten and hold for a count of 4. Then release. Do each area preferably where you hold your tension. Then do square breathing as described in #6 above. Drink water!

Journaling about your experience is also helpful if so inclined!



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