I’m in Mexico 🇲🇽

I am so blessed to be in Mexico tonight on a warm evening all by myself on this beautiful patio with grapes growing overhead.

I’m supposed to be at my husband’s uncles funeral but I got mild food poisoning and decided to stay home. I’m weak and exhausted from all day travel but I’m at home because I feel so welcome here.

I was told today many times that “mi casa es su casa” which translates my home is your home! This is the second time I have visited this small town of my husband’s family which is 3 hours from the border.

It’s been 20 years though but the love is exactly the same. I know many countries are like this but I have a special place in my heart for Mexico. The people (married 30 years to one), the warmth, the language, the food and music. It doesn’t get much better than this. I learned my Spanish in high school and college so it’s wonderful to be able to communicate with everyone.

I am here for hopefully 10 days in this beautiful land and will be posting some pictures upon return to the USA.

It’s quiet with birds tweeting occasionally or the dogs barking down the street. I have everything I need and am not lonely.

I am grateful 🥲 for many reasons! For my husband’s love and imperfect ways 😂, for my mind and the creativity that will surely come with this getaway and for my God, who surprisingly uses every mishap for good and a better attitude and life. I would be remiss not to mention my new friend and sister who has been praying for me and I for her since meeting 5 days ago. Thanks buddy!

I don’t have the gift of prophecy but that’s ok. I am learning to slow down and trust God’s will and people in my life who love me so much.

I am also blessed for you dear world for reading this far in my blog and all the likes and support. Did you catch that Wynne? Today you are in Mexico with me! Sign me up for your blog tour anytime!

I’ll be blogging more on this visit as I am able so stay tuned. Also coming up some more guest blogs written by other folks with Schizophrenia, who are in recovery also.

Kratom isn’t the only way to achieve mental soundness and relief from active symptoms of Schizophrenia!

Adiós! Hasta la vista



2 thoughts on “I’m in Mexico 🇲🇽

  1. I love this Victoria! Love that you are logging in from Mexico. So glad you got there and are feeling so at home! Sending you health, restoration and lots of creativity for your time away!


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