Recovery from Schizophrenia

I have been so busy the last few days that my recovery from Schizophrenia hasn’t even been an issue now that I am in full remission. This is thanks to kratom, an herbal supplement available in only some places in the world along with a lower dose of my anti-psychotics.

Ironically, now that I am no longer delusional, I spent the last two nights at the Chumash Casino at a live experience with Theresa Caputo, an American psychic. My sister invited me the first night and I invited her the following night. I believe she had a gift that I don’t possess as fully as her, the ability to receive messages from the dead. I have received messages but it is all very confusing so I don’t try unless it is a blatant observation of how my life is unfolding.

It is ironic because I don’t wish for a life of psychic ability and now my sister decides she wants to communicate with her husband who passed away almost two years ago.

After the second show, she invited me back to see another medium in October. But I was like nah, I’m done with this. I went mainly to support her and it was fun but I wasted two whole nights of my life on nonsense. I don’t need to communicate with my dad through somebody else because I already do in my own way.

Parts of the experience where validating though, the numbers and orbs I see every single day. It is my dad letting me know he is always with me. I do forget at times so if anything going to these shows was a good reminder that my dad and more importantly God is always with me, guiding me in mostly subtle ways.

What my Recovery from Schizophrenia looks like now

I live my life unobtrusively. Tonight I spent a good hour trying to view my brain scan. Using a new laptop now, which I bought off my youngest son and it is lightening speed fast. I am also using my old laptop because it has the cd player in it. I feel very tech savvy. My new laptop has a rainbow light up keyboard which I find very cool. This is my life now. Doing simple and hard things with ease.

Tonight my son, daughter in law and granddaughter came over for an impromptu pizza party. It was fabulous! Through a Facebook group I also met a new kratom friend, who I have been messaging with and it’s really cool because we have a lot in common besides our love for kratom. I also cleaned my house today and did some other catch up stuff I didn’t have time for because of being gone two nights.

My time was not wasted though, because I had a blast with my sister like we always do since we were little kids. We are big dorks together, basically, and always have fun but also talked about some serious things as she is my big sister and is always looking out for me. We also talked about my recovery from Schizophrenia and it was better than anytime before. I can now handle hard topics with her and owe it all to kratom making me feel more at ease in social situations. However, I really missed my home and my dogs as we got home both nights at midnight.

Trip to Mexico this week

cross on the mount rubidoux trail
Photo by Selvin Esteban on

Oh and my husband too naturally but we now are going together to Mexico this Thursday because his uncle passed away this past Friday. We will be gone a week or more and a part of me is not excited to be away from my home which I must admit I am a homebody since Covid.

But I feel I must go to support my husband even though the traveling will probably be difficult but I say probably because maybe not. Perhaps my recovery from Schizophrenia will overflow to my travel with my husband and mother in law on this 8 hour road trip. Perhaps it won’t be hard but rather a nice change of pace.

Either way I’m going and trying to think the best.

But I have a to do! Tomorrow I will try to get tech support from the hospital to view my brain.

Hope you are all well!

If anybody else has seen Theresa Caputo, please feel free to share what you think of her gift?



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