Beyond Psychosis

I’m ready for real life beyond psychosis. I’m always amazed how God works in various areas of my life even when I don’t pray. I prayed a lot when I was psychotic and now am busy living my sane life free from all delusions. So maybe I have quite a bit of prayers in the funnel. I am laughing as I type this blog about life beyond psychosis.

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First things first! I picked up a CT scan of my brain today which I will be posting on here soon along with images of a brain with Schizophrenia and a normal brain. I haven’t seen it yet but am really excited to see it. I’m typing my last blog on this computer that might be going to the laptop graveyard RIP. But I am afraid to put the CD with the brain image on it because it might fry it and my brain has already been fried. I am full of jokes today but happy to be living a life beyond psychosis.


My brain has been fried in many ways with when I received the gift of Schizophrenia in 2006, to all the anti-psychotics I take still and also the many drugs in my early years of rebellion. But the psych meds do their job so glad to have them, as I found out recently. Check out my blog about my most recent psychotic experience last week if you missed it.

I actually shared all about it with my husband last night at dinner. He is the only one who knows the whole story in my personal life. And I am glad we can discuss mental health because there was a time recently when he didn’t even know what my disorder was called. Instead of calling it Schizophrenia/Schizoaffective Disorder, I am just calling it psychosis for now.

He is one of the (hopefully) few in this world who don’t believe in mental health issues. But after I explained last week to him he did ask (using the correct term this time instead of the derogatory label he first used) if I was still psychotic. I answered emphatically, NO! It was good to discuss this with him as he is now my mental health support person who knows all. It’s ironic I know that I would have my support with someone who doesn’t understand mental health issues at all. But now that I am beyond psychosis, I can safely make this decision and feel great about it. Let all stigma fall away starting right here in my home!

Still unsure of its cause

I’m still trying to figure out the cause of my recent flirting with a psychotic break last week. Was it stopping my anti-psyhcotic the day before getting Covid? Was it Covid? Or was it the stress of taking care of my adult daughter with asthma and trying to keep her out of the hospital? Will never know because I will never try it again- going off my psych meds that is.

I have decided to do an interview with Bethany Yeiser, the founder of CureSZ, in the next week to talk about psychosis, before I tell her about my situation. Here are my reasons for interviewing her.

First I value her insight as she has Schizophrenia in full remission on an anti-psychotic and also has some insight into her condition, which is hard to find among people with Schizophrenia.

Second, I want to know if she has had Covid or any stress in the last few years that has brought back psychosis, while on an anti-psychotic. And lastly, she has a great story that I have never told on here before and she is also a real go-getter whom I greatly admire.

If you have any questions for her or me feel free to contact me. I will be writing the interview questions tonight so please get them to me ASAP. I can always do a follow up interview if any questions arise from what she writes about in her interview.

Living a life beyond psychosis

As to how I live my life now, this is a whole ‘nother blog post. It is a lot less dramatic and kind of boring actually. But I have a very busy life and although when I wind down for the night, and drama isn’t surrounding my brain anymore, I try to enjoy the quiet. Yet, I must admit part of me misses all the cool ways being psychotic was very entertaining. But will save this for a different blog very soon.

Defining my Core Values

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I will leave you all with this new sane thought. I have been attending a free virtual workshop this week on productivity and learning a lot. One thing I will share with you all, that I felt was a great take away from it, was to live by your values. I had to google what values even are as I had never considered them prior to this workshop. Instead I just try to live a good life as my dad instilled in me. But it was good to define them and I came up with 3 Core Values I plan to incorporate into my days beyond psychosis.

They are Creativity, Compassion and Courage!



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