USA People with Schizophrenia taking injections needed~$800 pay if chosen

Participants needed for study-people with Schizophrenia taking injections (of anti-psychotics)

I have been contacted by an organization that is desperately looking for a participant in USA 🇺🇸 who has Schizophrenia and is taking injections. If you qualify or know someone who does, please reach out to me. There is a nice finding fee if the person you refer ends up being conducted into the study. I think it is $150 and although I won’t accept anything, if you know someone I think it is fine. Use the contact form above to get in touch with me and I will pass their information along.

Guest Article coming soon!

Also in the air! I get very excited when other people want to write for my blog and this guest writer is no exception. When I received this article today from Sophie (a past contributor), I was not having the best day; but then I read it and it changed my mindset! It’s about coping with downsizing and maintaining your well being; but really the information in it can be applied to any new situation for anybody with or without mental health issues!


I’m in a much better place tonight than yesterday. I’ve learned that I’m good at figuring things out almost to a scary degree. For instance, I am the only one in my home who knows how to get our dishwasher to work. I took a personality quiz one time and I got matched with mastermind and that I will always help when no one else steps up to do so. That’s me for sure! I let others do the hard work and wait for when I can help in ways that no one else can.

For instance, taking care of my asthmatic daughter with Covid last week was incredibly difficult. For one, I was sick with it too, and secondly I had to advocate for her health because she couldn’t breathe. I was speaking with doctors and pharmacies, which I’m used to after 28 years of being in this role for my daughter.

It’s interesting though because she didn’t need medical help while she was my main support when I first got diagnosed with Schizoaffective Disorder when she was only 12. I do not recommend this but she was all I had and I wasn’t in a good state of mind when her awesome support began up until last year. Last year I decided not to lean on her anymore back November 2021 and I haven’t gone back on my promise to her. She was a little lost at first because she is so awesome to discuss my challenges with. It’s almost like I manifested my mental well being if one believes in that.

selective focus photography of child s hand
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Peer Counseling

But as parents we need to support our children as long as possible anyway we can, not the other way around. Looking back there wasn’t as much in place for mental health as there is now. We have a local peer counseling center, and one peer counselor has become one of my best friends and confidantes. Their help is immeasurable and is really what helped me through the most with all my mental health challenges in the past.

If anyone doesn’t know what a peer counselor is, I will share with you. A peer counselor is someone with their own mental health challenges that has overcome them to a high degree. I don’t even know what challenges my peer counselor has faced because they have never mentioned it and I never ask out of respect for them. They are non-binary but very confident in their presentation, education and lack of spiritual identity. They are one of my favorite people in my life and that says a lot!

The way I found them was by attending a peer counseling center called Safe Haven. My peer counselor was running one of the groups (the first one I attended) and it was instant chemistry for a great friendship and support. I am very appreciative when I do get to talk to them. It’s not often because they are off helping others with mental health issues and I no longer suffer from any. It’s worth searching your area if you don’t already know about one. I found my center a couple of years ago in search of something else; although, I don’t attend groups anymore, feel blessed to have my peer counselor still.

That’s all tonight world! Upcoming article on coping with downsizing, the benefits of peer counseling and opportunity to help in the research of people with Schizophrenia taking injections.

Have a great night/day!



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