Help with Psychosis

How can I help with psychosis or any serious mental health disorder? Ideally, in a perfect world this question wouldn’t even exist- but reality sets in and tonight I will dream big about a perfect MH (mental health) care system.

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Dreaming Big

Naturally, it is best to help with psychosis before an emergency evaluation is needed. General needs for MH care support are greatly lacking in today’s MH systems.

When an individual is in need of help with psychosis, getting them assessed quickly by a psychiatric professional is important. A good MH provider will not only understand how to help with psychosis, but will also be educated in stabilization, cultural differences, nutrition, supplements, effects of stress, spirituality, possible underlying physical conditions and more.

Feel free to comment on anything I may have missed!

I wrote I was going to dream big tonight!

The individual in question would be treated with respect, non-judgement and empathy or sympathy.

Ideal assistance would take in the whole picture of what it means to be mentally sound with all the factors stated above.

Current MH Care System

Yet, I must write how to help with psychosis or someone experiencing MH distress in today’s hospitals and psychiatric treatment facilities.

Establishing trust is huge; as is being knowledgeable about signs and symptoms of psychosis. One does not need to be a psychiatrist to recognize the following symptoms to watch for with loved ones to help with psychosis.

  • changes in ideas of reference like overly obsessive about anything really but particularly God, the devil, conspiracy theories, being on a mission, delusions of grandeur, or anything too positive or negative (this symptom alone does not indicate a mental disorder, but in conjunction with any of the following)
  • changes in mood/sleep/appetite/proper hygiene (more or less)
  • inability to complete simple tasks
  • hear/see/feel/smell/taste things that aren’t normal or that aren’t really there
  • delusions (beliefs that are held that there are no facts to support them) * more on delusions below

This is not an exhaustive list of possible symptoms to indicate psychosis.

Read here for a Psychosis Recovery Inventory to help assess yourself or another to help with psychosis.

Never Challenge Delusions

With delusions it is important to never challenge or dispute them. They are possibly the basis for what the person believes with all that they are, to be their reality. This can be possibly be harmful to both people. If their delusion is proved untrue, they might become unstable. Trust is important, someone needing help with psychosis will often only open up to another if they trust them. Additionally with delusions, cultural factors must be considered along with religious and spiritual belief systems.

Once these symptoms of psychosis are realized, getting them to a psychiatrist for evaluation as soon as possible. Unfortunately, this is a long wait here in the USA in most cases. This is where knowledgeable and compassionate LMFT’s, social workers, or other MH professional must be called upon to help stabilize the person in need. Getting people help with psychosis early is the key to prevent suicide, brain deterioration and other devastating consequences.

Additional dreaming would include:

Additional dreaming~

All people would accept MH disorders as a real difficulty in this world and not just ignore it, wish it away or tell the person to “get over it”

MH issues would be a part of every day conversation without judgment and presented in schools early on. Additionally, every person would treat anyone with a serious or mild MH crisis/ongoing issue with dignity, respect and understanding.

Stigma, diagnoses-es and labels would become outdated terms in speaking of people with MH disorders.

Finally, when someone needs help with psychosis, people would offer more support in way of flowers, dinners and donations just like they do for physical illnesses.

Help my dream become a reality (even if it is small steps), by sharing this with others, especially with anyone in crisis and on social media! Thanks:)



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