Coming soon to this blog…

Good evening all! Welcome to all the new countries with recent interest in this blog. I appreciate all visitors, wherever you are located, and hope this blog is of some help to you on your mental health journey. And thank you India, USA and Australia for being with me for a while now. As you may guess, I am cleaning up my blog tonight in preparation for another upcoming guest post in a few weeks hopefully and also in anticipation for this week’s Saturday Series: Mind, Body and Spirit Connection about Consciousness.

If you get a chance to listen to any of Michael Singer’s podcast “The Commitment to Stay Conscious, please do as the Saturday Series blog will focus on some of it, if everything goes as planned. I am pretty excited as it fits perfectly with the theme of this series. It’s a great listen anyway so check it out if interested.

Also, check out the new menu item at the top of this page for all my guest writer’s posts. I will be adding them tonight so check back tomorrow if you are interested in some great posts written by professionals, other bloggers and people interested in mental health. Thank you again to all my past guests on here and if you are interested in writing for this blog, feel free to send me an email or use the contact form. Any topic related to mental health will be of interest to me and others on their mental health journey.

I’ve also managed to get this site indexed through google after much research and emails to WordPress Happiness Engineers, who are all an awesome team! It wasn’t easy but I have realized recently that I am pretty good at figuring things out and being patient and adaptable when needed.

Have a great night/day and stay strong no matter what comes your way. I know the many challenges I have faced in my life have all made me a stronger person, especially since I came out alive:)



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